Monday, January 28, 2008

No Solace for the wicked

Well I probably would've bet an organ on the fact that Solace would pick up where they left off, boost me through DM and then I would've been +1 dreadsteed and they would've been +1 members.

Oddly enough nothing of the sorts happened. I saw the solace recruiter online a few times and started in with the usual chit-chat only to see him log-off each and every time I started chatting.

Perhaps I overstepped my bounds and said something ignorant (euhm... more ignorant than usual) or they simply got tired of putting effort into recruiting me.

So here I am... level 68... still guildless and on a felsteed... but I still have all my organs.

I am not sure what to make of it all. I guess I will simply wait and see what happens with the whole guild thing. I am in no rush. I have enough other characters that need attention to not be worried about any kind of guilding for a long time.

In the meantime another guild has made me a similar offer... join on a trial basis and we'll help you with Diremaul.

I say spare me the ignorant dribble and adjust your recruitment strategies.
If you want decent recruits as a guild you need to go out and get them. Be social, talk to people and if there's someone in there that seems decent send them a few invites for instances and whatnot.
If they work out ok then send them a guild invite and you'll at least have a decent chance of that person not robbing your guild bank and Gquitting.

I've had a guild in days (and games) long past... recruitment is about being pro-active. Passively spamming messages over public chats doesn't get you any decent people unless you're lucky.

If you want to recruit via spamming to bulk up your member count the easiest thing to do is simply to make a second guild (i.e. the academy). Give people certain goals, have some regular guildies help and train the new recruits and funnel the good ones into the guild.

There's better ways to recruit than to add your spam to that of the gold sellers...

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