Monday, February 4, 2008


Well there we are... as far as I can possibly be removed from WoW in a hotel in germany attempting to deal with the fact that the y is where the z used to be (and yes I meant to type the opposite).

Worse still I can see my internet time ticking away slowly because apparantly this crummy hotel is too cheap not to charge for internet after billing me who knows how much for a small room with 2 beds.

Can I trade in a bed for 1h of internet time? no of course not.

But to give you a little update on whats been going on:

My first choice guild solace is no more, apparantly their healer went server surfing and never turned up again thus leaving the guild without a healer. Not so bad were it not for the fact that the healer was also the GM.

I took pity on the fools and let them in on my second option... lets see how they like it. I for one am now lvl 69 and well on my way to 70 which apparantly I will reach without seeing the inside of DM for my dreadsteed.

Color me amused...

On that... I better finish this post before time runs out...
back to business after tomorrow, just a little work to wrap up before I can resume ... euhm... life I suppose.

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