Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Guilded and future expectations

So despite my previous antics about wanting a guild to invite me to DM I decided to tag along with the Solace fellows and join my second choice guild Monstrous Regiment.

The leadership seems fairly level headed and have a couple of high level alts / mains that would indicate at least some past experiences raiding.

Not that that really matters to me but it's nice to have some people available that can voice opinions on various skills and whatnot.
Plus I am fairly certain they will take the time to help me out with this inane dreadsteed quest before I give in and just buy the skills to ride some other silly epic mount.

Either way it's time to re-focus and put some useful information in this blog rather than bother you with my endless deliberations about what guild to choose.

So for the month of february you can definitely expect the arrival of part 2 of the The Warlock. A little warlock guide I've been working on.

The primary reason for the slow progress of the guide is related to the fact that I want to end up with some kind of guide template so that I don't have to re-invent the wheel when I decide to write a quick guide based on my paladin.

I am also wondering to what extend I should keep the guides up to date. After all patches come quick and hard and really affect how to pick skills. I could leave that part out but how valuable is a guide without a talent description?
I don't have time to keep guides up to date for each patch so I am thinking of delving into the skills and devising a more 'general' evaluation of talents that can be utilized throughout at least a couple of patches.

For us noobs it's usually really important to be fairly clear on why things are the way they are which is hard to combine with a generalizations... ah well February here I come, I'll probably have some luminous idea on what to do at some point or the other.

In the meantime expect more useless ramblings about whatever tickles my fancy during my limited time in WoW.

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