Friday, February 15, 2008


It is done, I have my dreadsteed.

We took a team of guildies into DM the other night together with the lock I had been pushing through the dreadsteed quest. He wanted 125g for the summoning items from me which clearly indicates to me that he's a greedy bastard who doesn't listen. After all I told him not to buy the items because we had a lock who already had them.

But besides the utter waste of 125g on a guild member who can from now one rely on the fact that I won't help him with anything it was a fairly good run. We had a non-resto spec shaman healing, we missed the first 3 pylons and had to run back and in the summoning event everyone died except me but other than that no complaints.

I am now the proud owner of a dreadsteed, finished my final piece of my frozen shadoweave set and barring a few enchants and gems my lock feels pretty done.

Some attunements and whatnot will probably be handy but I'll rely on the guild to set up the necessary runs for that.
Which for me means wrapping up my lock, finishing the guides I have been promising and do a switch to my now lvl 38 paladin who will be fashioned as a protection paladin.

Beyond that I am now having ambitions for a healer of some sorts, probably not a priest or a pally but I am considering a druid or shaman to do these jobs.

Suggestions are always welcome of course.

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