Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Having had no luck in getting myself a trip to DM the last few days I decided to take a different approach. I looked up the guild roster and noted a few decent level locks and decided to get them motivated to work on the dreadsteed quest.

The general idea is that the more locks are sitting around waiting for a trip to DM the better the odds are that I will actually gain the sympathy of the guild elders and get a decent escort there.

So to further my goals we ran one of the 'new' locks through scholo yesterday with 3 warlocks and a warrior... I think either arms or fury I didn't really pay that much attention beyond him not having a shield.

The run could've been better coordinated. As usual the group leader tag was tossed around a few times and no volunteers were found to do any marking so we just... euh... brute forced it.

And with any brute force approach there's a few deaths that could have been avoided.

Still, there was no ill will, no bickering over loot and generally good attitude all around and I even remembered to bring my argent dawn commission for all the lovely scourgestones and whatnot.

I really should pick up the leader role for places I am starting to know better since it would really help how we tackle things. Just blindly rushing in and laying on the pewpew is fun but very very inefficient.

In comparison we did the same run with 2 locks and a bit of marking and had substantially more control over things. I need more practise if I am ever going to be good at anything. I am not sure if the guild I am in at the moment is really interested in training me in any way shape or form.

I guess being 'just another lock' there's not really much I should hope for anyway.

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