Friday, February 8, 2008

Fear - jojoing

Lately I've been doing a lot of experimenting with various (warlock) spells and have come across a little something I like to call fear- jojoing. I am sure someone else already has figured this out and it's by no means new, but it was new to me and as a result I thought I'd share.

Warlocks, even affliction ones, need a bit of breathing space now and then. We do quite well with single targets but in multiple enemy situations we need to rely on a spot of CC to give us enough room to do a spot of safe draining.

The problem here comes in is that our only real universal CC is fear which is incredibly unpopular in groups because it increases the chance of pulling a significant amount of adds (yes there's banish and deathcoil but both are situational and/or on lengthy cooldowns).
10 seconds of fear can often result in 5-10 new enemies attacking you which kind of defeats the purpose of the CC.

To combat this affliction locks use curse of exhaustion slowing the target down as it runs, but even then the odds of pulling extra adds are not in our favor.

The answer came to me in the form of Curse of Recklessness. Curse of Recklessness amongst other things also makes the target mobile fear-immune. However it is also the case that curse of recklessness does not actually remove a fear effect on the monster but simply cancels it out.

Lets take a look at a bit of practical application:

1. You fear a mob and it starts running
2. You want it to stop running after 3 seconds or so because it'll end up pulling adds otherwise so you apply curse of recklessness. The curse cancels out the fear effect resulting in that the mob now comes after you again.
3. Now apply a different curse (curse of exhaustion, curse of tongues, curse of weakness or other) to cancel out your previously casted curse of recklessness.
Since your curse of recklessness didn't remove the actual fear effect and there's probably still a few seconds left on the fear timer the mob will now once again run in fear.

At this point you can decide to re-fear the target after the initial fear wears off and once again apply curse of recklessness to call the mob back or take other actions as you see fit.

With a little practice it's very much possible to have the enemy run from you for a few seconds, apply a curse of recklessness, have the mobile come back and then use a different curse to break recklessness and re-activate the fear effect.

Essentially the monster is trapped in an endless cycle running and returning without ever coming close enough to do damage and without being able to go far enough to pull adds.

Add a nice stack of dots into the mix and the mobile will die swiftly without leaving any nasty stains in your clothing.

It requires a bit of presence of mind, so practice it and you will find that you can comfortably control 2 mobs this way with none of the drawbacks of regular CC (damage prevention, fast regeneration and whatnot).

The only significant drawback is that people still cuss at you for using fear... something I didn't really find a workaround for.

Now go and fear fear no more.

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