Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thanks Solace

Well I came very close to signing someone's guild charter the other night which would've been one of those freaky 1 in a million occurances.

I was flying around fiddling around with my gui (an oddly common occurance lately) trying to get the buttons to where they belong when I suddenly get an invite to caverns of time from someone whom I have been chatting with casually quite a bit.

I figured it wouldn't hurt, I had never been to the Caverns of Time...
and I have seldomly seen a run go so smooth.

The tank grabbed aggro like nobody's business allowing us to open fire pretty much right away. The healer was awake and aware, there was no squabbling about loot whatsoever and the whole instance went by in a flash.
I didn't even get called a noob! I definitely hit the wrong buttons a few times (most notably cancelling out an amped curse of doom *mutters*) thanks to my gui fiddling earlier.
I deserved a reprimand or two that simply didn't come except in the form of advice 'after' the run.

Ahhhhh... that was like having your cake and being able to eat it too...

I'll see if they invite me along again, if so I won't leave my soloing ways behind but at least I'll have a few good people to help carve out the gear it's going to take to actually make soloing content easier.

In the meantime many thanks to Solace. A group of people that shed some positive light on an otherwise dysmal experience with grouping.
Which just goes to show that not everybody in WoW is an arrogant twat.

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