Monday, January 14, 2008

Post 70 expectations

I had a fairly uneventful weekend. I Considered taking my now level 65 lock into sunken temple to finish off an ancient long-grey quest that somehow survived in my quest log due to the nifty trinket reward.
Instead I ended up burning most of my time simply chatting away on LocalDefense and do a few bits and bobs for my tailoring (now 350).

I have always fashioned myself to be somewhat of a solo player. I don't mind the grouping aspect of things but I have noted that most groups are very goal oriented (get quest x done) which more often than not is coupled with an unhealthy greed for items.
Unfortunately these kind of groups don't find it amusing when I decide to fling myself from a 10 story tower or a large cliff (I like to use that soulstone charge when it's about to expire :) ).

So I had a few chats with a few high level players to see what could actually still be done alone once you hit 70 and the general response was that beyond sunken temple (and not even the last boss) I could forget soloing content whatsoever.

Not necessarily what I wanted to hear... so beyond faction rep grinding and doing a few low level instances I get to stare at my feet for the most part unless I am looking to get into PvP in which case the battle grounds could be somewhat amusing.

Still I am not going to give up on my whimsical goal of finishing the game all by my lonesome and I think I should be able to get a decent ways in before I have to lodge a formal complaint to blizzard that they're not providing content for their casuals.

This leaves me looking for information... what character can best be used to solo content, what gear am I looking for and where should I be headed with my talent builds for a pure solo PVE character.

Turns out that kind of information is scarce or as often the case with soloists not shared with the public and the main worry I am having for my own solo carreer is that of gear. How do you keep upgrading your gear as a solo player so that even if you make only limited progress you're still progressing.

For now I will stick the focus on heading for 70 and topping my characters out... perhaps with a little creative enchanting, jewelcrafting and whatnot I can stretch my gear to make up for the some of the gap.

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