Thursday, January 24, 2008

My soul for a horse

Well I made a dark pact yesterday. I was quite happy to see that the Solace guild picked up my trace after my login yesterday and once again started pestering me with guild invites. So I figured I'd simply abuse their eagerness a little (the whole evil warlock thing kicking in here).

I have been having significant trouble getting my epic warlock mount due to the fact that it requires an inane amount of questing / gold, patience and worst of all it requires a trip to Dire Maul.

Dire Maul is not something I can easily solo and furthermore I seem to have to go to the part of DM that requires a key which of course is hidden in some other part of DM.

The whole shebang is aggrivated by the fact that there's no one going to DM on my server.... and I mean bloody no one. I've been monitoring LFG and even spent a quite a few hours meditating on the doorstep on DM waiting for anyone to show up that was looking to go inside.
No one came... no one... no tanks, no healers, not even a jehova's witness.

But you can't not have your dreadsteed as a lock now can you?

So the Dark pact was formed with Solace's recruiter: Solace over the course of the next weeks will help me out with my dreadsteed (mostly just the DM part, I can do the grind myself) and in return I pledge my allegiance to their cause.

It feels a little like selling my soul for a horse.... and I am still not entirely sure why of all the people on the server they'd want to recruit me but I guess I was a bargain to recruit hehe

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