Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another Year another Blog

Well there we go, another year another blog. Having recently come into enough cash to buy me a shiny new Quad core PC with 4GB of ram and a halfway decent videocard I am finally geared up enough to play World of Warcraft... which should tell you enough about my Old pc if nothing else.

So yes, I will be mostly talking about wow and it's various aspects.

But don't worry, unlike many other blogs I am not going to stifle you with arguments about end-game specs, how to best gear your class past lvl 70 etc. I leave this to the people that think they know best.

Instead I will focus on the poor soul that barely can manage the time to play 2 hours a day let alone do the mathe behind spell-coefficients and whatnot.
I might dig into those things every now and again but it will always be mostly cosmetic in the hopes that we can get some understanding of why everybody keeps calling me a noob and will probably do so for the rest of my gaming experience.

So you, yes you, welcome to Noobding, the only place in the gaming industry where being a noob truly is a compliment!

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