Friday, January 11, 2008

2.4 sunwell lore

Well patch 2.4 is slowly gearing up to invade your local wow installation and with it comes a new 5-man and a new 25-man tied to sunwell lore (feel free to correct me if I am wrong).

As usual this means jack to us noobs since we will never see the inside of any high level raid content unless some large raiding guild is looking to be entertained or needs some form of monster bait.

The amount of content created on the high levels that requires a nice set of purple gear is getting more and more while the true casual players like myself get left behind with... ... well nothing.

Rather than to roll up their sleeves and add some interesting recipes to their various underpowered crafting skills and working in some interesting side-quests at the lower levels blizzard once more focusses on what the whiners in the wow forums say completely disregarding the fact that 75% of their playerbase doesn't even come in touch with their end-game content.

Azeroth is more and more becoming a temporary foothold for players where they absolve their forced levelling to 58 program before they get to play with content that's actually still being worked on.

It's not so much the subpar gear drops in Azeroth that bother me but more the fact that there's no reason to stick around in azeroth. Put in a few dozen repeatable quests for faction rep, a couple of quest chains for novelty items like the tonka tank or some form of collectable like a mini card game.

Something that is only available to the denizens of Azeroth would go a long way to alleviate this situation and it can be completely seperate from the urge to gear-up.
Hell even a few fun Soloable dungeons that are actually manageable at whatever level you are at and still fetch some XP would probably be enough.

Instead we're stuck... we're stuck levelling to 70 where we hit the wall and are forced into group play. The high level instances get further and further out of reach since no self-respecting raiding guild will take you along in your puny green-blue gear and you can't move along because older raid content isn't accessible to you unless you happen to roll into a new guild that's just starting out on the high level instances.

At some point the gap between us casuals who are for the most part only dreaming about a set of epics and the 'hardcore' players will become so large that we will simply disconnect completely.

We resent each other enough as it is... after all, we feel that they get all the cool new content and they feel that they are entitled to it because they spend so much more time in wow than we do.

Truth of the matter is that in the 8 hours a day they play wow they can get substantially better gear than if we spend 8 hours in wow spread over an entire week. This is a clear failure of the mechanics and will eventually result in a complete disconnect between the true casuals and the hardcore players.

The real point however is that the game 'ends' more quickly for a casual player then it does for a raider simply because a lot of casual players only get to Solo or two-man content for the most part due to time constraints.

So where their game continues after lvl 70 mine simply grinds to a halt and the only thing I can do is see if I can get a group together in the first 15 minutes after I log in or switch to a new character to level.

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