Thursday, January 10, 2008

Post 2.3.2 a blinding new world

Well I had hoped that the 2.3.2 patch for WoW would bring me some form of relief in terms of latency but I was sorely dissapointed when I logged in and my latency was running near red all evening.

So I went out and modified the hell out of my network settings changing MTU size, dealing with packet offloading, forcing connection speeds, changing port forwarding on my router and whatnot.

It's amazing how much you can change in your network settings without ever noticing a single bit of difference.

So after about an hour or 4 I finally gave up and decided to just deal with whatever Blizzard could throw at me in terms of latency only to find out that on my very last login of the day they posted a message indicating some network issues.


On the upside it gave me the chance to refresh my somewhat out of date network skills (apparantly token rings are archaic... go figure) and resulted in a few more services that could be disabled on my windows box freeing up another 50MB of memory.

A small silver lining on an otherwise completely wasted day.

At the very least I would like to use this opportunity to advocate the creation of some form of web-service on a blizzard test machine so that we can do a more consistent network test and see if the connection actually remains stable or 'wobbles' all over the place.

Then again if the problem is between your ISP and the blizzard servers there's really nothing you can do except blame your ISP for picking the cheapest possible carrier.

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