Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Set completed

Yesterday I rolled my final character a shaman by the name of Capow and I must say I am fairly pleased on how he's getting on so far. Managed to take him to level 10 in the short session I had last evening and so far it's comparable to levelling a priest. Fairly steady progress and decent survivability due to healing wave and a few handy totems.

Either way the arrival of the shaman completes my set in that I now have 1 character of each class.

Here's a short breakdown for those who are interested:

Capsize - lvl 65 undead warlock
Tailor / miner

Capstone - lvl 32 blood elf paladin
Blacksmith / miner

Capricious - lvl 24 troll hunter
Leatherworker / skinner

Capibara - lvl 20 tauren druid
Alchemist / Herbalist

Capone - lvl 10 Orc rogue
Engineer / miner

Capeesh - lvl 12 Orc warrior
Blacksmith / miner

Capacitate - lvl 20 undead priest
Jewelcrafter / miner

Capitulate - lvl 23 Blood elf mage
enchanter / miner

Capow - lvl 10 Tauren shaman

Not too impressive probably but considering I'm still in my 2nd month of play I am quite pleased with the results.

The primary idea here is to play the main character for the most part (burning rested xp takes a long time at high levels) and then use the gold income from the main to support the lower level characters which get levelled mostly according to whim but sometimes according to rested xp.

With a fairly small difference in levels between most characters it becomes a lot easier to disperse various loot drops so most of my characters except those in their low teens are now moderately well geared (crafted greens) for their level and my enchanter is quite happy with a constant stream of stuff to either enchant or disenchant.

The main problem I am running in to is that my enchanting character isn't high enough level to provide useful enchants like fiery, unholy etc. which is affecting the quality of weapons /armor that are available in my 'pack'.

I am considering slapping enchanting on my shaman to have a little bit more progress on the enchanting side since I so brutally abandoned my mage at xroads but I don't really look forward to training enchanting up again.

On that note I really don't know what to put on my shaman in terms of professions.
Mining is out, with 6 characters having mining there's no need to add more. If you can't mine enough ore with 6 characters odds are you won't make it with 7 either.

Interesting candidates atm are leatherworking, skinning, herbalism and potentially engineering for the utility.
The leatherworking is mostly to craft gear, although I suppose that could be outsourced to the hunter if the required leatherworking specializations matcth. skinning mostly to keep the leatherworker in supplies where I am having a bit of shortage. The same reason applies for herbalism.

I would prefer to have 1 crafting and 1 gathering skill on my shaman though.... hmmm something to medidate on while I am wasting my boss' precious time.

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