Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombies don't whine

As you probably have noticed the zombie plague has gotten a little out of hand. With Ogrimmar practically turned into a desolate wasteland and shatt stacked to the brim with zombies the less creative amongst us have started to cry foul.

All of a sudden their daily trips to the AH and bank in their precious capitol cities are reduced to a jump and dodge event where you need to weave left and right to avoid zombies and hope your target NPC is still alive.

The complaints are myriad and people have even been writing angry tickets to the GameMasters in the hope to effectuate an immediate end to this zombie plague.

In fact the complaints are so vehement that if the collective wow population of US servers had complained in a similar fashion about the war in Irak there probably would be no war and they'd still be able to afford their house payments.

But lets not abuse the situation and draw a paralell to some obscure real life zombie invasion and instead lets focus on how we can survive these trying times.

1. Avoid capitol cities or places with fast NPC spawn-rates / large quantities of NPCs. Zombies have a limited life-span. They lose health if they don't fight. The smaller the place and the fewer the NPC's are the shorter a zombie attack will be. Remember: there are banks in places like ratchet, winterspring and gadgedzan too and surely one of them is zombie free.
2. (non player) Zombies have poor pathing and are slow, they're terrible at using elevators so any place with limited access via elevators is a good place to hide. Undercity for this reason (at least on my server) seems to be dealing with the zombies a lot better than Ogr.
3. /join WorldDefense . The attack messages will tell you where you can expect potential zombie problems. WorldDefense is your ear to the world and can keep you from being dropped off in the middle of a zombie horde. Join it, hear it, love it.
4. For BG fanatics try and remember the original locations of the BattleMasters. There is a battle master for each BG in remote locations such as Hammerfall etc. Use those battlemasters because the ones in the capitol cities are surely dead.
5. When grouping, bring a pally. They can cleanse the zombie infection even though it may take a try or 10.
6. Re-locate your hearth. I know we all love shatt as our main hearth place but zombies like shatt too. Set your hearth to a remote town such as stonard for a while. That way you can always safely hearth back and get more or less access to the world.
7. Open with a snare. If you do have zombies closing in fast remember your snare spells. Zombies are slow, making them even slower will give you plenty of time to path around them even if the zombie greatly outlevels you. Tailoring nets can also help this.
8. Defend the argent healers. If there's zombies nearby stick to your closest argent healer like glue and try and draw the zombie aggro. As long as you don't die right there and then the healer can use you as a 'tank' and fry the wretches. The healer can incidentally also cure your infection.
9. Last but not least. If you do get zombified take off all your gear to avoid durability damage. If you want to put an end to your misery right there and then find an open spot and self-destruct via the built in explosion button.

The event definitely changes how you play the game. It can be both fun and highly annoying depending on what side of the fence you frequent but from a meta-game perspective the event fits nicely with lore and the upcoming wrath expasion.

All in all I'd call this event a success. I've had tremendous fun dodging zombies in Ogr so far by creative blinking, slow falling or stealthing as well as using a brute force approach with my paladin and it's a nice distraction whilst we wait for wrath.

If nothing else enjoy the rare opportunity to be able to talk to an ally. Zombie is a universal language after all and zombies don't seem to whine nearly as much as the living.


Hagu said...

Sorry, but I disagree strongly. When Bliz announced they were lowering the boss health and leveling xp, I took that as confirmation that 3.0.2 to 13th was a time to be productive before the 1-70 days are essentially over. And then *SURPRISE*, all my plans of how much XP/day I need to level lowbies are ruined due to this. If I had several 70s in Sunwell gear, this might be amusing. But if I am paying for the NFL channel, I expect football not synchronized swimming - unless they tell me in advance.

This is clearly the devs being aren't-I-clever rather than giving customers what they want. And I assure you the people like us who are hurrying to complete our goals are much more angry than the people with geared 70s are amused by this diversion.

YMMV, but why do I want to pay money to a company that makes me so angry.

Captain The First said...

I understand that the zombies make accessing banks or AH a little less pleasant but that's pretty much all the impact I get from the whole zombie thing.

My low level characters and even those in the 60-70 range are progressing just as fast as they always have. Add to that the additional XP fuel from the hallow's end and I am actually going a little bit faster than usual.
Beyond having to stay away from capitol cities however the impact is practically zero for my lower level characters and questing is by no means hindered.

As said, I understand the annoyances of the AH and banks... but that's easily circumvented by just sending all your crud to a bank alt and dealing with it when there's no zombies about. I still spend 90% of my time on non-lvl 70 characters and their XP/hour is slightly up from what it was pre 3.0.2... zombies or no zombies.

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