Monday, October 13, 2008

I can haz tabard?

With WotlK now less than a month away people are literally strapped to the edge of their seats waiting for the launch. AH market prices are all over the place and within an instant you can make or lose a fortune. Instance running in general is on the collapse and there's a massive amount of pre-wotlk guilds popping up.

A day doesn't go by that I don't see a handful of new guild names flying by in trade (apparantly they need to put signs up for people to find the guild recruitment channel) and each and every one of them is advertising with:

1. We have a guild bank
2. We have a tabard

Say what now? Tell me of this mystical invention called 'tabard' and what is this 'guild bank' you speak of?

No I mean really, why on earth would you advertise with that? Tell me something about your guild, give me a website, show me your goals or for medivh's sake at least have a funny recruitment blurb.

Are there any guilds out there that do _not_ have a guild bank / tabard? Why sure there are... let me rephrase: Are there any guilds out there where having a guild bank / tabard actually matters toward's the guild's goals? And if they do then why would you not advertise that goal instead of having a guild bank / tabard?

The guild bank and the tabard are nice perks but they do not a guild make. Everyone with 9 signatures and a small pouch of gold can have a guild bank and a tabard and yet neither one of those will tell me what kind of guild is recruiting (although a pink tabard with a blue bunny may be a bit of a give away).

Do people really join guilds because they have a cool tabard? And skipping a step ahead: would you really recruit someone if their reason to join is your guild's tabard? (I'd be scared, very very scared).

Maybe I am just ranting (I am pretty sure I am actually) but I don't see how spamming trade with: guild x is recruiting we have a tabard and gbank /w for invite
is a sound or even remotely effective recruiting strategy.

Do people really use this as a serious recruitment blurb?


LarĂ­sa said...

I think the We-have-a-tabard-guilds are a special sort of guilds, made for people who're levelling up without any expectations about anything. They just want to check out another chat channel and maybe find some cool friends there. The audience is very young.

In one way those ads make sense, since they indicate what kind of guild it is. It's sort of honest. People who want a guild like that (and I believe there are some of those - after all there are ALL sorts of people in the game, some of them with pretty peculiar taste when it comes to guild) will get the signal and apply to it.

And we other are warned. Everyone's happy!

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