Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hallowed Cheat?

So I went through my series of dailies for the hallows end event on all my characters when I noticed a rather obscure 'oversight' that I can't describe any other way than as a mistake in the game mechanics.

Of course we won't mind exploiting something as innocent as this little problem here so let me tell you how it's done:

The second someone starts the fires quest that summons the headless horseman to brill or razor hill you can pick up the quest 'stop the fires' from the questgiver.

Rather than participating in the event, log in all of your characters while the fires are burning and pick up the stop the fires quest from the questgiver on all the characters you can possibly muster. Of course it's handy to stack them all in brill or razor hill the day before.

Once you've got your 'stop the fires' quest on all your characters pick any one of the characters that have the quest and start helping with the fires.

Once you complete the event and the headless horseman is killed he will leave his head behind as usual and you will get the 'completed' message for your stop the fires quest on the char that's currently logged in.

While the pumpkin head is laying on the ground log in all your characters that previously picked up the quest and miraculously you will get a 'completed' message for the stop the fires quest on those characters aswell.

With a little bit of timing I was able to do the 'stop the fires' event on one character and get a 'complete' for 3 other characters without having to put out any extra fires (the rest of my characters were running around doing silly things so I didn't get them there in time).

So to summarize:

1. Start the 'let the fires come' event or wait till someone starts it
2. Log in with all your characters and pick up the 'stop the fires' quest while the fires are burning
3. Once your characters all have the quest help out with the fires and finish the event
4. Kill the horseman or wait for him to be killed
5. While the horseman's head is laying in town log in with all your characters that have the 'stop the fires' quest to automatically get a complete for them too
6. Profit!

You'll have to be pretty fast about it, as I sad in my previous article the head only stays around for 5-10 minutes so you'll have to log in all your chars in this timespan.
You'll want to park most of your characters in the inn at brill or razor hill when you do this. If your machine or internet connection is on the slower side then make sure you disable all your addons which will ensure the fastest possible load times in wow.

Either way a nice trick to skip the putting out the fires event on most of your characters without losing out on the quest reward.

I fully intend to report this 'oversight' to a game master next time I log in but I don't expect them to change it anytime soon.

Incidentally I also noticed that squashlings and hallowed helms now can drop from trick or treat bags that you get from innkeepers meaning the 'the hallowed' title will not be such an impossible task after all.

I also found a blue post somewhere on the public forums (I really should save those links) that the achievement for collecting masks will be scrapped from the meta achievment which means you can actually grab the achievement title with a little bit of effort this year and you don't have to collect 20 unique masks for it. The meta achievment will be changed come wrath or patch 3.0.3 whichever comes first which means if you have all achievements for hallow's end except the mask task you will still get your spiffy title.

All in all I am starting to really like this holiday ;)

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