Thursday, October 16, 2008

The death of a 1000 addons

Well I had hoped I would be able to download the patch, hop on my warlock, respec and have something useful to report for a 70 warlock build but unfortunately I am going to have to delay these plans for a day or more just to get everything back on track.

The untimely death of a 1000 addons post-patch was to be expected but what I hadn't anticipated was the fact that some of the addons I regularly use have been discontinued post 3.0.2 which is a bit of a bummer.

So next to the fairly frequent server disconnects I had to contend with setting up multiple new addons, redo all my keybindings and respec my warlock.

Spending most of the day on it I can tell you this:

Xperl (unit frames), Auctioneer (AH stuff), Quartz (castbar), Bartender (action bars), questhelper (quests) all seem to work (although I had some weird glitches related to an auctioneer component). There's also a built in threat meter in wow that I managed to activate via the options menu and it seems to work ok. I'll have to see how it works in groups (my guildies were too busy running around dual wielding two handers and the like). The only thing missing from this setup is probably some form of boss mod.

For a warlock build I can quite confidently say that you can feel free to dump all your points into the affliction and not regret it. Demonology looks horrible even with the metamorphosis talent and destruction will need some research before I can say anything about it. In the meantime affliction is probably a safe route to go for anyone looking to PVE/BG or raid. I didn't get around to PVP but my expectations are that locks will not perform as well in PVP as they did previously... which I suppose was to be expected.

It'll take me a few days to get my characters back on track addon-wise after which the earnest testing can begin to see who the great winners and losers are for this patch.

In the meantime don't forget that the XP needed and XP gained from 60-70 has been adjusted so it should be a lot easier now to get those 10 levels out of the way on any characters that may still need it.


Fish said...

I specc'd into affliction with my lock, it feels pretty much identical to the "old" version. I think the real gain was to tanks, which I think was sorely needed. . .

Captain The First said...

Yeah as I posted previously the warlock changes were a bit lackluster and for the most part my new warlock feels a lot like my old one with a new spell thrown in which is just hell on my spell rotation so it'll take a few hours with a test dummy before I can confidently say if and what has changed.

Only have a pally tank myself and levelled him prot. I am happy with the added damage options but never felt like my pally was anything behind my warlock in terms of levelling speed due to the aoe possibilities.

The case may be different for a warrior but mine is too low level to say anything about it really (although I am rather interested in levelling him prot).

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