Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can someone cry NERF WARLOCKS please?

Courtasy of someone or the other whose blog I raided in a late midnight haze who will have to accept my apologies for not being able to remember his/her name or blog/website adres (contact me if you want to be credited with the image or if it needs removed). Yet another warlock nerf.

The more I play my warlock the less fun I am having with it. You know things are really bad when even other classes are no longer crying: NERF THE WARLOCK

I am not really sure I enjoy being pitied on the public forums:
Warlock Pity

In fact I'd rather be completely underpowered and still have people cry nerf. At least that's something... that's class... that's the fear of times long past carried on to the next generation. That's what a warlock should instill... fear or at least a bit of respect.

Maybe we've been normalized... but when my hybrid moonkin brings more to the table in terms of utility and DPS and even my paladin tank has better pvp viability than my lock you really start to wonder what happened to this 'pure dps' class.

Sure sure a warlock is still a relatively powerful thing in PVE and PVP but there's one caveat: The warlock needs to be left alone. The second it gets any attention it's a dead warlock. It's not like noobcoil, fear or howl of error makes for a solid defense.

Is it QQ? Do I need to learn to play my warlock? Perhaps, but after playing my paladin, druid and even hunter my warlock feels a little 'meh' and I am not the only one who feels this way.

I haven't given up on him just yet. There's other specs to try and there's hope that things will look up with another 10 talent points. But for now I slap on my 'inspected by earl Z. Mode' t-shirt dive into the nearest hole in a BG and hope no one sees me because I truly am an easy HK.

Someone cry nerf warlocks... please... I miss it. It's ok if you lie... I'll understand.


Darraxus said...

The picture is from "Yet another Warlock Nerf". I completly agree. they have basically ruined the class. We were forced to play one sec for pvp already and now we cant even play that well without getting two shotted.

Captain The First said...

It's true... it takes about a stun's worth of time for me to bite the dust and I have a major in running away like a girl.

Coex, fear, howl of terror are pretty much the only buttons I get to push these days and if I am really really lucky I might be able to squeeze in a dot before I ungracefully bite the dust.

If any kind of melee closes on me, or I get some form of snare I am toast. It literally only takes 4-5 seconds for me to die.

SL/SL doesn't help one bit since my pet is even softer than me.

I rather enjoy haunt in a PVE setting but the warlocks survivability in PVP has gone from almost nothing to ridiculous.

Warlocks are doomed to hide behind pillars for the next pvp season(s)... I am fairly sure we won't be seeing many warlock gladiators this time around.

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