Friday, August 22, 2008

Wellfare epics?

My little guild has been heavily investing in PVP the last few days mostly to acquire some of those so called 'wellfare' epics.
Now from what I gather the term 'wellfare epic' has been coined by a blizzard CM in the past and has been widely adopted by most of the WoW community.

What defines these wellfare epics? In general wellfare epics are considered all epics that are obtainable by doing 'nothing'. Which in essence revolves only around Arena and BG's where there's the option to 'just' go AFK and wait for the points to roll in.

But does this not essentially mean that a flaw in the BG / Arena system that allows for these AFKers (or naked dancers when it comes to arena) to get 'free' points and as a result reduce the pvp epics to wellfare status?

If someone on wellfare were to save up their wellfare checks and for some reason buy a BMW Z3 is this then a wellfare BMW Z3? Does this furthermore mean that everyone driving a BMW Z3 is driving a wellfare car?

The whole 'wellfare epic' terminology is further put under duress by the fact that Blizzard is not happy with non-participation (especially in Arena), dancing around naked in the middle of an arena battle is considered against the terms of use. You're allowed to absolutely suck in arena, but you're not supposed to stand there and get beaten to pulp. Similar things apply to the Battlegrounds, non-participation is simply not allowed.

So what it all comes down to is that people who leech off of the arena and BG system by not-participating are not only breaking the ToS but also managed to reduce a whole system of epics to a level where people would rather spit on you than acknowledge the weeks of work you put into getting the gear.

The answer is therefore simple: Do away with the AFKers, the botters and the non-participants and your wellfare honor will no longer be wellfare?

It's not the epic's fault... it's not even the epic that's wellfare. Hell it's not even real wellfare.
These are not some Blizzard issued honor points so you can gear yourself in T4-T6 equivalent gear. These are honor points literally stolen from other people by non-participants and represent a very real problem: that of botters, cheaters and non-participants.

On a side note: I could switch servers and join a friend's BT raiding guild and have them gear me without having to do anything except just stand there and wait for the raid to finish their job (provided I want to be healer or a tank). Does this mean BT epics are all of a sudden wellfare? What happens when an instance goes on farm and people are no longer required to put in the effort and can just stand there waiting for their friends that outgear the place to do all the work? Does that mean your raiding epics are wellfare too?

The truth behind all this is that we simply cannot tell how someone got their gear. We don't know if they have been working their rear-end off in the BG's trying to make their team win and giving it their all or if they've just been standing in a cave AFK.
Controversely we don't know how you got your high level raiding epics either... we assume you put forth the effort but perhaps you were simply leeching them off of a guild that needs to gear you up or they came with your account when you bought it from ebay.

The term wellfare epics is meaningless and derogatory. There are always and will always be ways to cheat yourself into better gear. This should not reflect on your gear, it does not make your gear wellfare... it makes the cheater a cheater, the botter a botter and the leecher a leecher but it does not make the result any less epic no matter what people say about it.

At best it's a split between legit items and contraband... a true wellfare epic would come via the ingame mail system with a note from blizzard saying: here you go, enjoy. I haven't gotten any of those so far, have you?


LarĂ­sa said...

Yeah, I've never been a big friend of the word "welfare" either.

I've been doing a bit of PvPing lately to get a trinket, a stamina belt and soon hopefully a neck.
And I suck. But I try at least. (Upcoming post about that, how I overcame my phobia against BGs...)
And I think I sort of deserve the rewards, since I definitly have done more than nothing....

Grumpy Misanthrope said...

Actually, the term "welfare epics" was first used by Tom Chilton at, I think, Blizzcon 2007.

He was widely denounced after that by the PvP community, but he seems not to have changed his outright beliggerancy against anything PvP related and anyone who isn't a warrior, so it doesn't seem to have affected him much.

Darraxus said...

I agree that it is a stupid term. I have worked hard for my pvp gear and every Gladiator piece I have was earned in Arena and not the BG. I have been doing alot of work to get the season 4 items as well. It is not welfare. Getting run thru kara in all greens by a t5-t6 guild is more welfare than doing BGs and arenas for gear.

That said I still hate when I got into a BG and I see a person wearing 3 pieces of Merciless with a green weapon, boots, trinkets etc.