Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aberrance arises!

Last weekend was one of those prideful moments that you tend to get if you play a game for long enough. I am now the proud owner of a fully operational 2-man guild called Aberrance overflowing the already huge pool of new guilds on my server.

Perhaps this is no achievment, but there's a sense of accomplishment after you spend a few hours recruiting signatures, designing a tabard and laying out the guild basics, so I wear the guild tag with pride.

I never thought I would try myself at guild leadership again after having been there and done that in a few games too many but Aberrance will provide a set of challenges that I am more than willing to take on.

Primarily this guild will start out as a small two man operation. Me and a faithfull rogue friend will take on Azeroth with the goal to either two manning or soloing most of what is considered 'old content' extending ourselves to include outland once the expansion hits.

Azeroth is full of places that I haven't explored and as my last foreys into Sunken Temple, Stratholme, Dire Maul and others have shown the challenges are significant for one or two people.

You may be able to outlevel and outgear the instances in Azeroth quite easily, but taking them on by your lonesome or with anything less than a full group can still be an amazingly challenging and fun experience.

So Aberrance is born... a vision to re-discover the old world, a vision to find all those fun little trinkets that have long been forgotten and a way for even the most real-life addicted person to come to wow and know they have something to do without having to pre-plan everything days in advance.

In due time I am hoping that Aberrance will evolve into 'the' guild for the average working (wo)man.
Catering to those that have limited wow time, are unable to pre-plan wow raids, simply cannot afford to spend 4+ hours in an instance or are tired of endlessly raiding the same places over and over again. Maybe even those that just need a mental break from the hustle and bustle of their 'real guild' activities and those that don't take the game as serious business.

Focussing on a loose schedule of random instance runs in Azeroth combined with a bit of healthy PVP and the multitude of other activities people pursue in WoW I feel Aberrance will fit nicely in that large gaping chasm of people that raid full time and those that don't / can't.

A freeform guild is born. Whether we will last the distance or even be able to recruit more people is beyond me but there is undoubtedly fun as my last run to stratholme will be happy to demonstrate:

Cannonball Runner


Blogging wise I don't expect much to change, I will highlight some of Aberrance's exploits every now and then and hopefully be of some encouragment to those always stuck with the thought whether or not they could solo X.

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LarĂ­sa said...

Oh it sounds wonderful! I hope you'll find some more openminded people who'd like to try out your freeform concept!

And if not... I hope you and that rogue goes along very well... You'll spend quite a lot of time together. :)