Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recruit a Friend

There's an interesting Recruit a Friend deal going on over at blizzard. Apparantly if you manage to recruit a friend now (or create yourself a second account and multi-box I suppose) you get the benefits of some faster levelling. The ability to hand over some of your levels to your friend, a spiffy mount and some other things.

Check out the details here:


Normally I am not one to report on these kind of deals but it is a rather good one and a nice zhevra mount is indeed rather hard to come by.

Go check it out and if you have experience with it already let me know what you think about it.


LarĂ­sa said...

I have my doubts. Be Nameless wrote a good post about the problems with it.

Captain The First said...

Haha yes but that was for all intents and purposes a rant albeit a well-structured one.

No one is preventing you from claiming these deals and multiboxing yourself into an easy life but that was not what the RAF is for.

It's for getting people to play and smoothing over the trek to 70 for new players before wrath hits who would otherwise be looking at
a long long time levelling in lands long forgotten.

I have a distinct feeling that in the coming months ingame life will be similarly made easier simply to motivate people to pick up another char before wrath.

Honestly I can't see anything wrong with it. As prone to abuse the system may be it's a good way to get a friend to start playing now before the expansion.

As for unfair advantage, maybe it is... but so is powerlevelling, multi boxing, gold buying, character buying or paying large guilds to gear you. You're not going to get rid of an unfair advantage no matter how high you jump.

You can argue this either way without too much difficulty but in the end the question is not: how do we get rid of the unfair advantage? because you can't... there will always be some 3rd party willing to take your money for getting you some powerlevelling, gold, rep, honor or whatnot.

The question is who would you rather have provide these services?

An obscure gold farming outfit or blizzard?

So while I agree that triple xp and the ability to give away levels is indeed a little over the top I will also have to note that there's no lasting advantage other than that your treck through azeroth was uncanningly fast. All the benefits stop at 60...

Thanks for the rebuttle though :)