Monday, August 25, 2008

Flipsides and other Ramblings

I don't have focus to form a coherent post so here's some completely random observations from the last few weeks of WoW.

People say you can leech your way to your epic gear even if you fail all the time but the flipside of this is that you're maybe making 200 - 300 points a week meaning you won't even see a decent epic for at least a month. At 1 epic a month (provided you don't have another gear source) it'll take you for bloody ever to get your set complete.

In arena gear > skill and matchups are ridiculously random. I ran into multiple teams that are at least 2 gear seasons ahead of us in the 1200 - 1500 bracket. Even if you focus fire and are clever about it there's just no chance in hell that you're going to win against people that outgear you by that much unless they disconnect or you have a really really solid approach to CC. Tell me what you like but nuh-uh yousa no win.

I queued up for dozens of bg's and it turned out that I was the raid leader for at least 80% of the battles which was way more than just pure chance. I get this position a lot... I doubt Blizzard appreciates my tactical skills so I am left to wonder how a RL leader is picked.

Running a shockadin spec has resulted in some interesting whispers where people show genuine interest in the spec. Controversely people that ridicule the spec do this in public channels, yells or make sure they are heard at least by 20 other people who happily chime in undoubtedly knowing nothing about shockadins in the first place.

Loot drops are really really strange sometimes. You know things are getting bad when you can extract a huge polearm, a stack of gold, some random feathers and some other random trash out of a creature no bigger than a hellfire peninsula vulture. Where do they keep all their crap?

Speaking of crap. I currently carry around at least 40 items of random junk ranging from foods, to gear to mounts and other novelty items. I'd wager a vital organ that this is more than the average woman carries in her purse. Beyond the fact that I have no idea how my frame could support that many bags and ridiculous amounts of gear I wonder if we're not getting a little too feminine when it comes to our 'purses'.

Not to mention the dozens of quests where you're sent out on a relatively simple kill x collect y quest only to find out that the drop rate for human skulls is really appaling. I am sure I saw a head on all of them... I thought zhevra had 4 hooves too... but there you go.

What in the blazes do people do with their marks that like 2 or 3 of the 4 battlegrounds but can't stand the other(s)? I have a huge stack of AV marks on most of my characters followed by a ludicrous low amount of WSG marks (if any). Of course I have nothing left to buy with AV marks either... I should be allowed to breed frostwolves into pets if I had enough of them.

Ring of blood is the quest chain to do when you need a quick 100g, no travel required easier than any instance and enough fun that it realistically should be a daily.

Much like blink a warrior's charge can turn a potentially fatal fall into a no damage landing. Target the nearest enemy, wait till your fall brings you in charge range and hit charge. I never thought of mobs as potential life savers but I suppose there's a first for everything.

Flying mounts do not keep you from being dotted up. Going afk while pvp flagged even when you are 2000 yards in the air is no protection from dot-crazed warlocks with soulstones. Beware of falling warlocks (he he).

There, that's enough ramblings to fill a blog post. Editorial duties completed :P


Sacros said...

Don't waste ur marks! U can buy hp and mana pots with ur extra marks. At 2 marks per pot, when u get to 100 they are pretty much free.

Ellis (Eonar) said...

Yeah, so I'm a little late with this.

Re: RL in BGs.

Were you joining your BGs by queuing in a party, perhaps? If you join a BG queue as a group leader and queue your group, you generally get the RL spot when it starts.

If multiple groups queue, the leader of the largest group becomes the BG RL.

Discovered this by queuing AV with 4 of my buddies one AV weekend. I wound up RL every game, until two of them left for a bit. We had oodles of fun playing defense around Belinda and Stonehearth Bunker/GY.