Friday, August 29, 2008

Disenchant come WotLK?

Every now and then the time comes to clean up the bankspace of the various characters. A surprisingly enjoyable activity considering it always results in a nice chunk of cash.

And after cleaning out a whole bunch of redundant cloth, selling a large portion of the easier to replace enchanting materials and getting rid of various stacks of rep items as well as some other things I am left with one thing: Gear

Tons and tons of gear.

Even on my warlock, one of the characters that you'd think would be fine with just 1 set of gear, there are gear items with +fire damage accumulating dust in the bank. Parts of set items I am hoping to complete even though I am probably never going to wear them and a whole legion of items with spell-hit in case I ever step foot into a raid again.

I am not even going to mention my paladin. Between collecting a healing, a protection and a retribution set he could easily supply half of Thrall's personal guards with some spiffy upgrades.

But the problem really is that this gear is going to be outdated and outdated fast come wotlk.
So how useful is it to hang on to that tanking set that you know you won't be using while you're levelling through wotlk? What is the point of hanging on to those set items that are never going to do you any good?
Certainly I am not going to throw away an epic set of merciless gladiator stuff (it'll have nostalgic value) nor some of the things that simply look cool and will make a nice parade outfit but what about the rest?

What about those wayward tanking items? The infinite array of trinkets that only see the light of day every blue moon, the stacks of night elf porn magazines that have long since been replaced by far better blood elf porn?

What do I do with it? Do I disenchant it now if only to turn 10+ stacks into 2-3? Do I hope that WotLK will provide me with some cheap 30 slot bags *caughyeahrightcaugh* so I can hold on to my hard earned... junk?

Realistically I'll be needing some of it to level through to 80, or at least get me started (I wager all my epics will be outdated by the time I hit lvl 75) but isn't the rest just a redundant stack of pixels waiting to be released so Blizzard can re-use the art on Tier 7 / 8 / 9 gear and call it new?

For now I will shuffle everything around, squeeze the gear into the corner and pretend I didn't just waste 30+ slots of bankspace on useless crud but that there is actually some greater purpose in hanging on to it.

What do you think? Are you going to disenchant come WotLK and what do you expect to terminate first of all those items that you may have spent days if not weeks / months collecting?

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