Monday, February 9, 2009


It turns out that getting a new job completely ruins your blog posting routine and wreaks havoc on your wow playtime and it looks like it'll be a while before everything is back to normal (if that was possible here anyway).

I normally refrain from getting my personal life out on this here blog so enjoy this rare view on my personal life before I manage to get all those little wow-related posts that are floating around in my head onto the blog.

As you will have figured out by now I recently switched jobs. It was a voluntary switch at that so by the end of the month I am hopefully looking at a grossly inflated paycheck, am already enjoying my new car and am waiting for a spiffy new phone, internet dongle and who knows what I'll need to be able to do my job here.

Even the 'here' scaled up nicely. Where I previously was stuck in an office in the same place behind the same computer day in and day out I now find myself all over the place with different computers. All over the place being mostly the Netherlands from what it looks like. Which without traffic can easily be traversed from north to south in about 3 hours worth of driving... double if you're crazy enough to try and drive anywhere during prime traffic time.

Just like everywhere else we're supposedly in a recession, or economic downturn of which I am not feeling much of anything considering I now have work piling up on my desk. Still, housing prices are steadily dropping and the bigger companies are starting to feel the churn in their profit margins.

Mind you if the just got rid of a few CEOs, who despite the downturn still make enough money to make it seem like they're doing brilliantly, they probably could afford to keep whatever staff they're firing in the various places.

It's easy to throw around blame at this point so I am not going to. I was never a fan of the bush administration, or banks... but then again I don't really like my dentist either (or maybe it's the porsche sitting in his driveway) instead I try to make whatever headway I can by making the most of the situation.

After all, dropping housing prices are nice if you don't have one, a collapsing job market may even be to the benefit of the service industry... as for your pension fund collapsing....

...well no surprise there either since that was going to happen economic crisis or not, at least for people my age.

Things aren't going well, but dutch people seem to retain their usual 'what time is it anyway?' kind of optimism. I am hearing less positive news coming from across the pond over in america but to europeans that just means that we'll be ordering our electronics from there now just to save some precious euros.

So? How are you? How is the 'recession' affecting you? Didn't cancel your WoW account(s) yet did you? ... didn't think so.


Mr. V said...

Well congratulations on the new job, it is good to see people getting good work in these “tough times.” As for said “tough times” my current job (check printing) has not been hit…. yet, by this economic downturn. It’s good to see you posting again, your blog is one of my favorites. I completely agree with you about the ridiculous pay that these CEO’s are making despite this recession. I live here in America and find it depressing to see my tax money go to the fools who ran these banks into the ground. But that’s the way of the world, the top 5-10% of the world holds 90-95% of the money, wish it wasn’t true, but alas it is. Anyway, good to have you back posting, even if it’s only every now and then.

Pies said...

I don't watch any television, so I'm not sure if there's much talk about recession or not, but while things got a bit slow at the end of 2008, now it's back to business as usual.

Jayhawk said...

Gratz on the new job =)
Didn't realise, you're a cloggie, like me. And, no, I haven't cancelled any accounts yet...

dfadf said...

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