Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mammoth parking

I used to like mammoths, or rather I used to like the idea of having a mount where you could ride around on with multiple people and where you could maybe strap a vendor or two to it.

I am sure blizzard developers/designers thought much the same thing when they came up with the mammoth. A nice sizeable mount that could carry multiple people and or vendors that would cost so much that it'd actually make a halfway decent goldsink if it were sold often enough.

It's being sold often enough... it even seems to have gone so far that everyone who can actually afford one automatically buys one because it is one of the few mounts that have the features described earlier.

Everyone that buys one also seems to think they should park it anywhere they like... in front of doorways... on top of flightmasters, covering summoning stones and their all time favorite: right on top of the mailbox

Of course not that mailbox that's a ways away from the bank and the auction house that is rarely used, noooo, it has to be the mailbox that everyone wants to use.
And not only that... a standard sized mammoth doesn't do the situation justice so you just have to quaf one of those lovely winterspring elixirs that make you even bigger so there's absolutely no doubt that your mammoth loving, bored, have to much gold character can sit there semi-afk on a mailbox just to hear people complain. And if you don't manage to cover the mailbox completely why not get one of your guildies to join you in harassing poor hapless players?

I don't know what motivates people to be jerks, I am sure they take a distinct pleasure in it. But a mailbox is not for mammoth parking and if you do insist on parking your mammoth right on top of a mailbox making it difficult to use the mailbox then you are griefing.

That's right... you're griefing... you're obstructing other people's playing experience in a way that was not intended by blizzard and medivh help me if I don't make a ticket reporting you for it because that's what it is: a reportable offense under player harassment rules.

Spare me your 'just zoom in' comments, your inane babble about how funny you think it is or how cool you think you are. You will be reported, and I have no issues convincing 20 other people to report you too... which sooner or later will lead to a nice little ban that even your big mammoth hiney won't cover up.

I'd go so far as declare all the cities and towns non-mount zones and just provide some kind of run-speed buff like the dk's get in acherus. It won't stop people from trying to cover up important objects, but at least it won't be a 1 man job to cover an entire mailbox anymore.

Useable objects/NPCs are not for mammoth parking... shit or get off the pot.
Until then, beware where you park for you will be reported.


CowTank said...

I agree completely and I'm going to follow your example and report any fools I see parking their stupid mammoths on top of mail boxes and flight masters.

Darraxus said...

I have been reporting mail box guys for years. Another thing I do is throw a baby spice on them. It turns them tiny and probably pisses them off. Before I even ready the article, I thought "Mammoth Parking? He must be talking about the mail boxes."

An easy solution would be to make people dismount automatically when they get within 5 feet of the mailbox.

Anonymous said...

I think it'd solve a lot to just have that speed buff. Ebon Hold being the first example of course, but it really helps you get around as fast and there's no huge elephant on top of anything.

Captain The First said...

Yeah I drag a stack of baby spice around too... sometimes I log in on my engineer to drop a portable mailbox and sometimes I go completely nutso and try and get everyone around me to report them (which actually works quite well).

I thought about the no-mount zones and to implement it for everything that would need it like mailboxes, flightmasters, battlemasters etc would be a lot of coding work.

It would be much easier to declare cities a no mount zone (maybe have an exclusion at the local stables so people can show off their pets) and give a significant speed buff... I should really post this stuff on the suggestion forums :P

thedoctor said...

Preach on brother!

Mr. V said...

Is it not bad enough, that people are declaring their opulence in the first place, by buying a Mammoth? Then, they have to sit right on top of the one item/NPC I spent 15 minutes coming to town to use. It would be so much easier if Bliz added an ass hole meter and whenever someone was being a dick just right click and add a point to their dick-o-meter. After enough points they get a temporary ban, that’s just an idea.

Anonymous said...

I recall seeing some mechanic on the test realm a while ago (maybe too long?) - but the mechanic was a collision zone around NPCs and similar points of interest so players *couldn't* block access. Too bad it never made it into the live servers.

Tessy said...

The fountain in Dalaran is another haunt for these people.

When your fishing bobble lands in the huge mammoth taking a bath you can't click it and you need to recast, haha how funny!

Also mmm wet mammoth - yummy smell!

I remember reading somewhere sometime that Blizz was gonna put battle masters and such on piedestals so people wouldn't be able to block them, but I have yet to see that in-game.

methamp said...

Sometimes I don't realize just how big my mammoth mount is. I pulled up to the mailbox outside Stormwind bank and was sending a bunch of tailored bags and enchanted scrolls to my Shammy alt. when someone PST'd me and said: "It's okay, I didn't want to use the mailbox today."

I'm sorry, but jeez -- I'm not some asshole who blocked it on purpose. I can't help that bitchy Gnome Mages can't stay in Ironforge. Give me a break.

I can understand purposely "parking" your mount over objects to hide them but the hell if I'll move my mammoth for you. I worked hard for it.

Kick rocks.

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