Friday, January 23, 2009

Can't log into dalaran?

Not to deter from my previous post which is so much more important but I've had a number of questions from people who were not able to log into Dalaran and I figured I'd throw those a bone who didn't figure out what the problem is yet.

I've heard of people suggesting re-installations or checking their internet connection speeds etc. and while that may contribute to solving the problem the true culprit usually is:


The Questhelper addon adds a tremendous amount of load on login as it tries to calculate the various quest stati and pathing information. In fact, as good as the addon may be it's often the source for various random disconnects/login problems.

If you are experiencing problems logging into dalaran or you have a character stuck there that you can't access turn off questhelper and if that doesn't help turn off all your addons before trying to log in.

Then relocate to a quieter place (pretty much any place that isn't dalaran really) and turn your addons back on.

Incidentally you should try to update the addons you use to the latest versions since a lot of them can generate errors that aren't visible per-se but can seriously slow your gaming experience.

For shits and giggles turn off all your addons and compare it to running with addons, if the difference is significant then you should consider a) updating your addons or b) replacing addons that cause problems.

Just a quick heads up for those fighting the DaLAGan monster.


Darraxus said...

In my experience, it has been fixed every single time by turning off quest helper. The other day a guildy was trying to get on to raid and couldnt and was getting stressed. I said "Disable Questhelper." He logs out and logs in to the toon he needed and says I am a genius lol.

Esdras said...

Im having quest helper problems but ive not updated it since November must do that tonight.

I dont have any problems logging in but i cant pvp as it brings a massive error message.

Captain The First said...

I had problems with questhelper almost forever. It's a pity the addon is too useful to just throw away but keeping it updated definitely seems to help a little.

I think this game should be playable without addons... but there's just too much missing to make that possible which is a pity really.

But hey... at least they'll give soul shards another look *harhar*

Cobie said...

Although i am fine everywhere else in the game, I Have always had problems loading in Dalaran. I can't portal or use the fp to get there as the load DC's me and i can't log back in. This happened even before i started to use add-ons and it's becoming a serious issue as all my characters need to go there. The only thing i have found to work is to fly there on a mount and come up through the sewer pipe. As long as you don't log out or get dc'd you can eventually get things done. But now my HS is set to K3 as HSing to Dalran was impossible. I have had to have my chars moved by Gm's several times as i can't even log in enough to HS out.

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