Monday, January 5, 2009

Back on Track

With the christmas cheer and new years beer (well wine mostly) slowly working its way out of my system it's time to get this train back on track... if it ever really was on track in the first place.

As you can imagine I didn't play as consistently over the holidays as I would otherwise (happy new years at that) but I did manage to get a fair few hours of playtime in while no one was looking.

The thing that struck me most thusfar is the fact that I barely ran an instance. No matter where I turn I either seem to be getting bounced from the run due to lack of healers or something else happens like someone paying enough attention to see that I have an attack power enchant on my bracers and calling me a total noob over it and _then_ bouncing me out of the run.

Ok fine, so I train enchanting and I don't always re-enchant.... *sigh* it's exhausting to try and pug anything sometimes.

Most of all I think it's the massive excess of DPS classes running around these days which is causing my lousy luck with instance runs. After all, dps is easy to come by unlike tanks and healers (healers mostly it seems) and if you have to choose between a crazy mal-enchanted, weirdly geared, strangely talented warlock and a random facerolling ret paladin you go with the paladin (of course).

So I upgraded (downgraded) my level 80 warlock to banking status, put a dent in my tailoring (410), picked up leatherworking (400), did some mild enchanting (405) and pushed blacksmithing along (410) and then went to file bankruptcy after having spent something in the neighbourhood of 2k gold on various mats.

Looking at my shabby pile of 500g remaining I'd say the other professions are going to have to wait. Incidentally it sucks not having a miner in northrend (kicks self for not thinking of the expansion when dropping mining on the paladin).
Also incidentally it seems that 1 eternal whatever is worth less than 10 crystallized whatevers of the same type on my server so I have been doing my best to normalize the market by buying eternals and selling them as 10 x crystallized(s).

How do you crystallize fire anyway? Ah nevermind...

Without decent instance runs available for my warlock and it being a completely worthless class in non-BG PVP my warlock is pretty much done for now so I decided it was: Hammertime

I dusted off my pally, threw on some cobalt defense gear and went off to aoe grind some rhinos outside of warsong hold. And before I knew it I was level 71 and had a boatload of rhino meat and chunks of rhino fur in my bag... funny how paladin aoe grinding can put me in a trance sometimes.

I am thinking since the rhino's aoe so well I might just stick around for another level's worth of grinding; Sure, sure it's not as efficient as straight up questing but it's very relaxed, have a chat kind of activity that pays a decent chunk of gold at no risk. The rhino meat will make a nice stockpile for one of those dalaran cooking dailies and with the rhinos being just outside warsong hold I can just park my pally there and aoe grind a little inbetween levelling lowbies who are in dire need of some love.

For a brief moment I was worried about not having any badges and then I remembered... it hasn't even been 2 months since wrath was released.

Plenty of time to do that...

And you? Are you back on track yet?


Esdras said...

I know how you feel with the gold, my bank is sitting at about 800 and i need to get saving for gear.

My proffessions are not even 400 tailoring/enchanting so i should really go quest to get green to DE.

Drazmor said...

Personally, I'm happy with my gold level, as I haven't even hit lvl 60 yet and I have nearly twice the gold I need for epic mount. (I'm probably gonna blow it all a few bars before I ding though.)

Captain The First said...

Hah yeah professions start to turn into a real chore somewhere around 410-420 it turns out. Pushed my tailoring up to 433 and nearly went completely broke were it not for a few dozen lucky AH sales.

@Drazmor: Cudos to your money management. On my first char to hit 60 I barely had 5g to my name and I was literally the only one cruising around outland with a standard land mount.

At least you won't have to deal with 10 billion people asking you: 'no epic?' :P

wtfspaghetti said...

"I was literally the only one cruising around outland with a standard land mount."

haha, I was definetly rolling around in a standard mount for a couple of zones when TBC first came out.

Welcome back and dont give up on Locks yet! They can put out alot of dps if spec'd right.

Captain The First said...

Welcome back and dont give up on Locks yet! They can put out alot of dps if spec'd right.

I didn't really give up on my lock yet but for the time being he will concern himself with banking chores whilst I level my tank and healer.

PVE DPS is fine for my affliction warlock but the rotation is a pain to maintain unless you enjoy staring at dot timers 90% of the time. All the other chars I am playing are just soooo much easier in terms of basic rotation.

I am not even going to bother with pvp on my warlock for obvious reasons (i.e. it's completely bloody impossible unless your name is uck)

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