Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whose next?

With my paladin sitting at a mere 1.5 bubbles away from 80 and Ulduar prepping it's arrival to tear the bored masses away from mammoth banking I can't help but feel a little worried that nothing will quite top the levelling experience I had on my paladin.

I've always been the levelling type. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the occasional instance (especially solo/duoing them) but without the XP bar as a constant motivator and the knowledge that all gear eventually becomes obsolete I tend to forget my maxed-out characters in favor of a new levelling challenge. Well in all honesty I am just not enough of a gear hound to run instances ad nauseum.

But the paladin was an amazing experience. Having played him as protection for 99% of his levelling process and the brief but interesting venture into the world of the schokadin BG action I have to say it's going to be difficult to top the experience.

Paladins have massive amounts of defensive options, a solid way to do aoe and since the advent of wrath even protection paladins seem to hit like a truck.

So the question is: what's next?

I am still under the solemn impression that eventually all my characters will be reaching 80 at some point in time but what I have no grip on is what character to play right now...

My druid is sitting at level 73 quite happily munching away at some dailies, my hunter is not far behind at level 70 spending his time spanking his monkey (nono he really has a monkey as pet) and trailing a ways off we find the deathknight whom I had a fleeting love-affair with about a month ago.

It turns out I rather like the defense plate affords me so I am inclined to play my deathknight/warrior for this reason and see if I can come up with at least a moderate AOE spec for them... but I see so many deathknights that I am almost sick of the class without having played it and my warrior is so low-level that it'll be a while before he can throw his weight around.

If I look at 'needs' then I really should play my shaman or my priest for either inscription or jewelcrafting since it would be awfully convenient (not to mention profitable) to have those professions up to par.

If I am looking at the next 'best' thing I would have to go with the mage for some serious AOE potential... but going from a plate class to a cloth class is going to require some mild adjustment in strategy.

I could go on forever, each class has some advantages and disadvantages but it seems like the paladin so far is a very well rounded class that's going to be hard to top.

I need me some inspiration! So tell me friend, how do you pick your next alt?


Mr. V said...

After lvling my main Troll Shaman to 77 and getting my CWF I got pretty bored with him. Now I am lvling my alt Blood Elf Mage, spec'd arcane and its going pretty well. I went from lvl 23 to 31 in a couple of days. I've found that arcane is a quick way to tear down foe's.

There are plenty of good choices out there though, so have fun with your decision.

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