Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grizzled fun

With my wow time being a tad restricted lately I decided to mill around a little and set my characters up in a place where they can just snag a few dailies, and end up with an extra bubble of xp and some spare change.

To kick things off I decided it would be interesting to play around with the PVP dailies over in grizzly hills simply because there's 4 of them and they're pretty easy for the rewards they give (about 5g, 250 Warsong Hold Rep and 20k+ xp each).

Unfortunately like most pvp areas that offer any kind of reward there's the occasional enemy presence. And as luck would have it the enemies always seem to be level 80, sitting on large flying mounts preying on innocent low-level noobding alts.

Granted, on my protection pally at level 77 in now halfway decent blues I generally can either manage to kill them (the proverbial rogue slaughtering themselves on my shield) or run off... on my level 73 druid however this is a completely different matter.

It turns out that feathers make for really poor armor vs. level 80s and worst of all is that even if you do get a full starfire spell off it usually misses. Add to that the frustration of the enemy always parking high up in the air waiting for victims and I was about ready to call it a night.

I decided to just jump into the nearest shredder whenever I heard any ominous wing-flapping sounds and thats when I discovered the mighty 'short-circuit' ability that you get when you climb into a shredder.

At first glance it looks like a simple shaman-like chain lightning spell but it turns out to have 3 significant benefits:

1. it dismounts the target
2. it has significant range
3. it has a massive push-back effect

My first victim was a hapless mage flying around on one of those lovely flying carpet thingies. He was pretty high up and definitely out of range of my standard spells when I noticed that my short circuit ability was more than happy to fire.

It did and boy did that mage fly. I couldn't see where he landed but considering the fall damage scaling and him being knocked off way outside of the blue sky logging ground he definitely went splat.

Another unlucky dragoneer found himself innocently flying over the logging ground apparantly just passing by. Incidentally he was still flagged (I suppose he had just finished his dailies and was heading home). He too had quite the flight as he got knocked off his dragon and landed smack dab in the middle of a pack of warsong offensive grunts which consequently pummeled him for whatever life he had left.

All in all I managed to eradicate about 4 level 80s that tried the air superiority game which is very pleasing when you're playing your level 73 druid in full greens.

Now go have some fun, those shredders are hilarious.


Darraxus said...

Lol, I have never done the PvP dailies there, but that sounds Hilarious!

bobturkey said...

Yeah that sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not into PvP but I must give it a go.

Mr. V said...

Thank you, thank you! Great to hear that your serving those dive-bombing gankers with a little bit of humble pie.

That is one of my biggest pet peeves that just drives me crazy.

You have done a great service to all those who have been ganked before.

Psynister said...

There are quite a few abilities that work like this. The mage you got likely didn't go splat though. Slowfall is your friend.

My mage does this to nearly every alliance character he can find. Blastwave knocks people off of their mounts too, and I happen to be on a PvP server so the meat is always fresh. If you fly to run away from me, you fly to camp/gank somebody, or you make any form of rude gesture at me or interrupt my farming, then you better have some means of saving yourself from a fall.

I don't mind trailing you through three different map zones and stopping right on top of an alliance city (I'm horde) to take you down. If I manage to get next to you in the air then you can rest assured you are going to take a Blastwave to the face followed by a Living Bomb and a Fire Blast (just in case we aren't high enough to kill you outright). Then I'm going to Slowfall myself and watch you plummet to your death. And depending on when the living bomb ticks, I might actually get honor points for the kill if it ticks at the right time.

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