Monday, September 22, 2008

What does Drama look like from a distance?

Sometimes you can see drama coming from a distance, that nagging foreboding feeling that whatever is going to happen next is not going to be good.

I was quite merrily levelling away on my hunter in Un'Goro crater when my peaceful application of arrows to various targets was rudely interrupted by one of my guild members whispering me with a newsflash:
The first guild I had ever joined was about to re-form on my beloved server for the expansion.

... flashback to a few months ago:

I had recently quit the guild over some inconsistencies in leadership and the general attitude of 'if you don't like it you can get the hell out' and shortly after the guild imploded over losing a healer and their MT (once again attributable to poor leadership at it's finest).

The guild leader had transferred off-server taking most of her characters and a few select allies (like her husband and a few friends) with her and for a brief period I thought all would be well with the world.
I would not have to deal with the aggrivation of a guild that was populate with people that harbored some form of fake induced resentment towards me and I would simply not be haunded by the memory of my poor guild choice by having to stare at my old guild tag whenever I went to Ogr.

Peachy... ...
yet there it was... sitting in my chat window like some kind of curse trying to strangle me.

They're back.... and not only were they back they were trying to snag my beloved guild members away from me by savagely recruiting people they knew that had long since moved on to other guilds.

It's one thing to co-exist peacefully and recruit people for your guild via guild recruitment or even (Medivh forbid) over trade but trying to scoop away other guild's members by whispering them directly is a little off the wall.

I wonder how bad it must've been on their new server for them to come back to ours... I wonder if they learned anything in the meantime or if it's just another iteration of a guild that is doomed to fail before it starts...
I wonder what kind of start you can make to a guild by stealing most of your members from other guilds. How can that possibly be good for your PR? Especially if you have a guild whose PR mainly consists of: if you don't like it you can get the hell out.

I am not sure what drama looks like from a distance but it sure looks like it's wearing my former guild tag.

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