Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to Noob

After all this deliberation on various blogs about wotlk talents, spells, skills, instances and whatnot there's one thing that stands out in my mind.

Even though the math is going to be pretty much done on everything the second the expansion hits it will once again revert everyone to the status of noob.

You won't know if shockadin is a useful spec, you won't know what stats to expect or to use and you won't be able to oversee all the changes made to your particular class without playing with it extensively.

Essentially it's 'back to noob' for everyone... and this tickles me to bits. Everyone will be on my level again, the playing field will be equalized and past wisdoms from Kara to sunwell raiding will mean absolutely nothing.

The wise will be quiet and contemplating their new existence. The foolish will cling to their old system of beliefs as if it were still the absolute truth.

I am looking forward to see the impact of everyone being reverted back to noob status. No amount of theorycrafting will prepare you for what's to come, you might be the one to find the spec / tactic to rule them all for a brief time.

The veteran will be a noob once more and all past experiences will be relegated into the realm of achievments.

As a true noob... nothing tickles me more.

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