Friday, September 19, 2008

*giggle* *snort* SL/SL/SL/SL warlock

I was playing around with the wotlk talent calculator for warlocks last night and nearly doubled over laughing when I fould the absolute epitomy of warlock irony.

All classes including warlocks have been complaining about the SL/SL spec which revolves around returning damage via siphon life and pushing off damage onto your demon with soul link.

Warlocks hate it because it's practically the only viable pvp spec and everyone else hates it because... euhm... there was a reason... oh yeah: Warlocks are OP.

So with a big evil grin on my face I now present to you SL/SL/SL/SL the SL spec to dominate them all:

Super SL

The traditional soul link / siphon life is now accompanied with the destruction's soul leech / improved soul leech tacking another 2 SL's to the already SL heavy SL/SL spec.

With both nightfall and backlash you will be outputting a significant amount of shadow bolts which will happily return a chunk of life / mana to you for practically free. Ruin and devastate further help into some crit happiness meaning more mana / health returned from your instant shadowbolt procs.

I really just wanted to see if I could hit all the talents that were abbreviated as SL and can happily report you can get all the SL you could possibly want. Ironically with some points shifted here and there (especially in the destruction tree) this actually looks like a viable build. Keeping up corruption at all times for the nightfall procs and doing the damage with various destruction talents should make for a nice health return and damage mitigation via the combined SLs.

I've not done any of the math behind this build so take it with a grain of salt but
in the meantime rejoice! for the so-called OP SL/SL lock is now double as SL as it was before *sniggers*

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