Friday, September 5, 2008

level 60 to 70 confirmed to become faster

With the new content patch looming on the horizon even before WotLK is released it was also reasonable to assume that levelling from 60 to 70 would become a little faster (i.e. require less xp to complete).

Big blue has confirmed this on the forums recently so it is fact that come patch 3.0 we will be looking at a somewhat increased levelling speed.

Do with this information what you will but I for one will give my druid whose happily stuck in the 60s a little break and focus on getting up some lower level characters.


Cameron Sorden said...

Can you link your source? I just cruised the general forums and didn't see anything about this, and no one else is reporting on it.

Captain The First said...

Sorry for the late reply I usually don't get around to my blog on the weekends.

Here's the source:

Hopefully the forum topic will stick around for a while.

Anonymous said...

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