Friday, December 19, 2008

Warlocks Represent!

I have a nasty habit of making up lack of skill with reading the appropriate material so I can at least talk like I know about things even though I don't always get to bring actual skill to the table (theory is better than execution so to speak).

I did however read and play enough to be able to predict that warlock population for this pvp season would be as they call it absolutely 'terribad'.

Take a look at this table: here

And note that the once feared all powerful OP warlock is now 'the' most underrepresented class in the entire arena world (not to mention completely not present in any top 100... unless there's a top 100 of suck online somewhere). Sure sure it's only been a few days since the season started and figures will adjust a little as resilience starts scaling, but we all know how PVP works.

The (gear)lead you build in the beginning of the season will be the lead you have for the rest of the WotLK PVP seasons. The fact that there's now around 4% of the total arena population playing a warlock means that warlocks are pretty much doomed when it comes to arena PVP.
Doomed, as in destined to always be one or more gear steps behind the rest.

I am not surprised. After seeing all the massive burst damage that is generated these days and knowing full well that a warlock is still a very much dot-based class I knew things were going south.
Add to this the fact that warlocks will now have approximately the same amount of armor and only moderately more stamina as well as 0 survival tools (no meta jokes) beyond abilities that are taxed with heavy cooldowns means we can literally kiss the warlock goodbye as OP PVP class.

I am not bitter about it, I am doing decently in PVE, but it was obviously coming down the tube and the cries from people over at arena junkies could be heard for miles and miles without being adressed which is what bothers me a little.

You know things are in a sad state when even the most experienced arena players can't think of reasons why they would want to take a lock over 'any' other class to an arena match.

And that's where the problem comes in. Assuming blizzard will eventually deal with the glaringly obvious problems of the warlock the fix will most likely be too late. It takes some arena players as little as a month or two to get a significant lead in gear... even if the warlock gets fixed they will be behind so far that only the most tenacious warlock PVPers will be able to catch up.

To me the problem is easily circumvented by levelling another alt, something I always enjoy doing, but in the end going from a decent PVP class which the warlock was at some point to being a liability for your teammate(s) is going to be a bitter pill to swallow for most warlocks.

Still, there's some hope for warlocks... something like a tenacity buff of some sorts for the fact that you had enough guts to enter the arena as a warlock in the first place...

On the plus side: If you ever make it into deadly gear as a warlock you should be rightfully considered the most 'bad ass' person on your server.

So have hope warlocks... have hope and represent!


Darraxus said...

My Warlock is collecting dust in Borean Tundra. I think he may be the last of my 70s to 80 behind my already 80 Warrior, then my Druid and Pally.

P said...

Wow... Darraxus has the same story I and I'm sure many other former locks have.

The only 60 I had during vanilla wow was my warlock, I loved him. Never thought to play anything else. TBC came and my warlock was my first toon to 70, but I felt the crush of the QQers and leveled a priest, and now my warlock along with my priest are sitting around in shiny arena gear in the Fjord.

my DK will be first to 80, priest second... warlock won't be leveled unless something changes.

Esdras said...

I like warlocks and may yet role one as an alt, only thing that puts me off is a have a main priest and alt mage so a third clothie is not a nice thought.

Im surprised by the lack of them in pvp tbh.

Captain The First said...

Warlock is a beautiful class and I love him to bits for solo grinding and the like but in pvp he lacks burst and survival tools.

As said maybe it'll pan out with 1200 resilience but that doesn't take away the fact that the only thing the warlock has for defense was a large health pool which isn't climbing as fast as it should.

For a warlock to have any chance I'd say you'd be looking at 20k HP plus... and that's just so you can actually cast something before you die.

It's just dissapointing... what more is there to be said really.

Hagu said...

I loved my warlock and I leveled it to 80 within the first couple of weeks. I regret that. Afliction in PvE is no longer fun.

I wish Blizzard had not ruined warlocks.

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