Friday, December 12, 2008

Just on my server?

Well I had a big long rant prepared about this that and the other thing amongst which having to pay another 1k gold just to be able to fly again and how my future self is a bit of a bastard...
But apparantly over at the pink pigtail inn there seems to be a discussion going on about all the ranting that's gripped the blogosphere lately so I decided to exchange my perfectly well-formatted rant for some random useless observations :P

On that note I really wonder if most of the servers evolve in the same way. I've always been a one server kind of guy when it comes to playing MMORPG's and even when the server I play on is down I rarely feel the urge to create another character elsewhere (I like to keep all my crud in the same box).

so in essence I have a very very limited view on what's going on elsewhere. Sure, the economy is different per server, the population is too... but does this actually mean that other servers are completely different worlds?

Here's a few things I observed on my server of which I wonder if other servers are following similar trends:

There's been a crazy invasion of bear mounts in dalaran lately. 8 out of 10 people are riding that ugly brown bear you can buy for +-700g... every now and then you see a black bear or similar but still... there's a lot of bears.
There's so many bears out there I feel compelled to ask why you would still want to spend 700g on something that literally everyone has.

I haven't seen a shaman in days, weeks even. The last time I saw any trace of a shaman was a seemingly abandoned totem and it literally took me a second or two before I figured out what that strange glowing object was. Where have all the shammies gone? Are they that bad off these days?

Despite dwindling numbers according to wow census and a very questionable pvp survivability warlocks are all over the place. Out of the few group quests in the dragonblight I needed people for there was always an extra warlock in the pug and never the same one. I am still fairly certain that warlocks won't do well the next pvp season but I am kind of pleased that there are still a decent amount of warlocks about.

The warriors I have been talking to that have dk's are often telling me that their warrior feels kind of 'meh' to play after playing a dk for a while. I am wondering how other warriors feel like but there seems to be a fair few people I talk to that now prefer their dk's over their warriors. A trend perhaps?

Mages kick ass these days. I've seen fire mages crit so often in succession that I started to wonder if my damage meter was borked. Unfortunately my own 'never will crit nanaananaaanaaa' shadowbolt tells me that my damage meter is fine. I gather they're patching up arcane too and I've always wanted to try arcane. That almost makes me want to level my mage. Is it just me or is wotlk _the_ expansion for magi?

Shattrath is a ghost town... The few people that are there are rushing to level 68 and leave the place as soon as they can. Azeroth is no better off for that matter. There's still a decent amount of people in places like ogrimmar but beyond that there's maybe one or two players in each zone at most.

People are bored already. I've overheard a couple of conversations now of people that already have bought all their new badge gear, whose rep for most of the new factions is already either at or very close to exalted and whose only remaining goal is to buy a mammoth mount with vendors and buy up all the recipes available in dalaran. Now I am not saying anything about difficulty here but euhm... it's only been a month since wrath release so if you're bored now... things are not looking good for you.

So how's life on your server? Any notable trends?


*vlad* said...

Ah yes, the ugly bear mounts; why can't those bears close their mouths? People are now moving onto the Mammoth mount; bears are yesterday's mount for the select.

As far as spotting Warlocks everywhere, I think you tend to notice members of your own clss more. Since I have been playing a Paladin alt, I see Paladins everywhere now.

Regarding different servers, I play on 2 servers, and generally things are pretty much the same on both.
For example, the Leeroy achievement; now I never really understood the interest in the Leeroy story - some guy charges into the dragon eggs in UBRS and wipes a raid or something (big deal), and so I am baffled as to why so many people want to be known as Jenkins, but it is the trend on both servers I am on.

Shaman? It seems a better class than Warlock does at the moment, at least Elemental does. Burst damage ftw. Go to an instance with one, and watch his damage and dps on trash leave you crying into your Voidwalker's arms.

Shattrath is quite empty, but I still go to BC on my Paladin alt (lv 76) to do quests I didnt do when levelling up, as it makes a nice change, but generally the only people in Outlands are Death Knights, and they are usually interested in going to Ramparts, Blood Furnace, and Mana Tombs.

No one goes to Tempest Keep 5 mans any more.

LarĂ­sa said...

The tendency with HUGE mounts is driving me nuts. A little gnome disappears among all those monster mammoths (not to speak of that netherwing dragon from TBC...). They fill the screen.

Why can't they make cool, unusual, elegant and SMALL mounts - ground ones as well as flying ones? And I'm not thinking about the mechanostrider, which to be honest is ugly, no matter how much of a gnomelover I am.

Darraxus said...

I have seen an assload of DKs. They are everywhere. Also, all Paladins are still ret. Every LFM I check is full of DPS....rarely and healers.

Apaprently Shaman are amazing healers at this stage though I have not run with one. So far my favorite healer in Wrath has been a resto drood.

Captain The First said...

Still haven't spotted a shammy anywhere... and I've been looking :P

I like those turtle mount the walrus people guards are riding... kalu'ak turtles. They're cute... I bet that'd make a great mount for a gnome or some such.

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