Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Whatever happened to those goals?

So with wrath only a day away from release and everyone sitting in the starting blocks to dive into levelling something or the other I am sharply reminded of a post I made back in July.

I had goals back then... goals of things to do before wrath. Nothing glorious like seeing all the bosses or getting specific factions to exalted but straight forward levelling goals based on an assumed release date of december.

Well... wrath is here... or at least as good as and so I am left wondering whatever happened to those goals I set myself back then.

Back in July the team looked like this:

Capsize - lvl 70 undead warlock
Capstone - lvl 70 blood elf paladin
Capricious - lvl 41 troll hunter
Capibara - lvl 54 tauren druid
Capone - lvl 30 Orc rogue
Capeesh - lvl 17 Orc warrior
Capacitate - lvl 21 undead priest
Capitulate - lvl 26 Blood elf mage
Capow - lvl 20 Tauren shaman

And I was hoping I would end up with something along the lines of this for wrath:

Capsize - lvl 70 undead warlock
Capstone - lvl 70 blood elf paladin
Capricious - lvl 64 troll hunter +23
Capibara - lvl 70 tauren druid +16
Capone - lvl 50 Orc rogue +20
Capeesh - lvl 35 Orc warrior +18
Capacitate - lvl 35 undead priest +14
Capitulate - lvl 35 Blood elf mage +9
Capow - lvl 50 Tauren shaman +30
Cap???? - lvl 55 ???? Death Knight +0

I figured wrath would release in december so I should be short 20-30 levels to the goals above... of course with rampant altitis, interesting events and a whole bunch of things to do things never really turn out how they're supposed to...

So let's see where I am today (difference to goals indicated in brackets):

Capsize - lvl 70 undead warlock
Capstone - lvl 70 blood elf paladin
Capricious - lvl 64 troll hunter
Capibara - lvl 68 tauren druid (-2)
Capone - lvl 43 Orc rogue (-7)
Capeesh - lvl 31 Orc warrior (-4)
Capacitate - lvl 35 undead priest
Capitulate - lvl 40 Blood elf mage (+5)
Capow - lvl 35 Tauren shaman (-15)
Cap???? - lvl 55 ???? Death Knight

Most of my characters are pretty close when it comes to meeting the goals and it looks like I am 23 levels off of what I targeted which means that my predictions were amazingly accurate (yes, self-flattery is important too).

The druid didn't hit 70 after all since I got so distracted by flightform at 68 and I never managed to produce anything but perfect loopings on him afterwards (in fact I didn't use a flightpath on my druid for days because of it).
The rogue didn't quite get there in favor of the mage whom I am finally enjoying after months of corpse running and moping around in the barrens (turns out setting stuff on fire is more my speed... go figure).

The big loser is the shaman whom I was really interested in for a while. It turned out that the mana problems at the time for elemental and my desinterest in putting up with another melee character next to my warrior and rogue resulted in the shaman being shelved only coming out to play to train inscription in the last days before wrath.

I'd make some new goals but 10 x lvl 80 seems a bit obvious here so we'll wait and see what wrath has to offer before setting up some new and hopefully slightly more creative goals.

All in all I am very much on target which really steals away whatever little excitement this post could've possibly had for anyone but myself (if you're still reading then I certainly admire your persistance).

Good job you boring bastard *pats himself on the shoulder*

So what about your goals? Whatever happened to those? Did you meet them all or are you hoping that the goals you had can be swept under the carpet like some arbitrary new years resolution (and yes you better delete the corresponding blog-post for I will find it)?


wtfspaghetti said...

Yup, I met my goals. However my goals were much less of a take on then your own =P

I just wanted to get my pally and my shaman to 70 and raid enough to have them in t4/t5. I'm happy to say I have completed that goal and I am looking forward to leveling all of my toons to 80...all three of them lol

I don't know how you can keep up with 10...I can barely keep up with 3

good read

Captain The First said...

Hah yeah that's the distinct advantage of being in a guild that doesn't raid unless we feel like duo-ing something.

Does come at a cost... most of my characters are undergeared from a raiders perspective but I think that'll solve itself come wrath.

I just rolled all my characters back in the day and really only played them when they're fully rested and I feel like it... mind you those first 30-35 levels are a real pain in the rear end though so I am glad my characters are over that hump...

I blame the barrens.

Thanks for dropping by.

Pies said...

My goal is to slowly level up all nine of my 70 chars up to 80. I'm kinda unsure about DK, but knowing myself, I'll probably do him too.

One thing I've learned after rolling the DK (whom I've named Happyhappy in a protest against all the sadness and dread people try to pump into their DK names) is that _size_ is very important for a melee. I couldn't see my opponents at all from behind a tauren male. I rerolled a belf female and it's much better now.

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