Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quo Vadis

And they're off! Thousands of Deathknights swirling around the DK starting areas, thousands more players of different types rampaging across the shores of northrend...

And when the dust settles there will be few left behind.

Few... including myself.

I don't have my copy of wrath yet ... not because I failed to pick it up this morning or because I didn't skip out of work early to get a hold of it but simply because I don't understand the rush.

Where is everybody running to and more importantly why?

Why rush to the nearest fabled end-game scenario only to end up doing all the raid content within a few short months... and then what? Back to complaints about boredome?

I can't think of any good reason beyond some potential realm-first kills, and even those will become quickly forgotten.

So what does that leave?

It leaves Greed... the universal motivator of the MMORPG community... we're not looking for fun, we're not looking for challenges. Those are the excuses we wield to cover our innate desire to be covered in the latest and greatest epics, titles and whatnot.

The mentality of 'what's in it for me?' reigns supreme; where world events such as a zombie invasion or the latest invasion of the capitol cities either go completely unnoticed (in case of the latter) or are considered worth whining about because they affect people's game for a brief period of time / don't yield substantial rewards.

'What's in it for me' has abandoned the old world and relegated it to the domain of the sporadic gold farmer. The land is barren, devoid of anything 'worthy' in the eyes of the hungering, end-game loving masses.

There's no epics worth having, no goals worth pursueing that contribute to the misconception of what is 'cool' or 'ueber'.

The exodus into the new world leaves nothing behind, nothing except the people that are either too new to enjoy the Wrath content or simply would like to enjoy the game on their own merit.

What will you do at 80 when you have consumed all the new content? What will you do when you are all epiced out? Why are you intent on getting there at such great speeds?

But then, why ask questions when the old world now is mine for the taking.

Enjoy the expansion, as will I when I get there in due time. The lich king's wrath will find you, not in the form of a challenge, not in the form of more content but in the form of boredome. And his wrath will be a terrible one for those who adhere to the maxim of 'what's in it for me'.

There is nothing in it for you that you did not put into it yourself... if you abandon the concept of fun for that of greed you will find nothing whilst your will to play will slowly bleed away.

Quo vadis stranger? Why are you in such a hurry?


Herc said...

To each his own

I just wonder why greed was used for fun for those who wants to level faster

Greed? Eh? Will we have fun? You bet your ass along with my friends =). Of course I don't speak for everyone but I know what my guild is going for.

Our guild is looking for the challenges that awaits us in Naxx and beyond just like every other raiding guild. I don't think greed plays a major role on that.

What is fun for me might be boring to you and vice versa.

If you want to take your time leveling, enjoy the sceneries, and immerse yourself in the lore more power to ya I hope you have fun.

In fact I plan to do that on my alt when leveling together with my wife =) Savor all those moments where I let her loot all the quest items firstso she's all happy so I'm happy.

It's just I want to experience the end game with my friends for 3+ years, people who I know and comfortable raiding with ... is that bad? greed? I don't think so ... rather than later when they are on another tier of raiding or I don't have the time anymore to raid cause of work/school.

Different strokes for everyone.

I'm not offended or anything I'm just giving you how another player looks at it.

wtfspaghetti said...

ooo...latin...very nice

Lots of people out there like Herc...

Like he said though...different strokes for different folks. If I was a hardcore raider, I would being trying to get 80 asap to start the new content.

But because my normal playing time is an off going to enjoy the leveling process and actually read the quests lol.

I agree with your post though ... it seems like there is a redonkeyous amount of people trying to get server first. Most of them will get burned out and stop playing in the next couple of months.

That is why all these servers have queue times over an hour an a half. People come out of the woodwork and play for a month then realize that its boring to them. Then bam, no more queue.

Captain The First said...

Hehe, don't worry I was well aware of your point of view for this topic. Sometimes I feel the need to write something ranty for people to take stabs at... I really should learn to categorise.

The post illustrates that speed is not always the way to go and serves as a warning to those who would rush things but forgot why