Monday, November 17, 2008

How to get to Dalaran (no quests)

I've been spending my time musing about Northrend when it occured to me that I had no idea how to get to Dalaran. Since I am not high level enough for any kind of questing in Northrend this is somewhat theoretical but should still work just fine:

1. Get to level 71
2. Group up with someone that already is in Dalaran
3. Have that someone queue the group up for a Battleground
4. /afk out of the battleground or run out.

The level 71 will ensure you end up in the right queue, the fact that your buddy in dalaran queued the group means that is now the default location for people to pop out when they're done with the bg.

I couldn't come up with anything simpler than that other than paying a mage or figuring out what the actual questline is to get to dalaran. Assuming that the quest doesn't come any sooner than lvl 71 anyway...

Just a thought but maybe worth the post depending on how far you are at in Northrend.


LarĂ­sa said...

A lovely little post as usual (though I've got it a bit easier, being a mage.. :))

But this post is special. You've been noticed by Big Bear Butt himself with some link love, how about that?

Hopefully it will help a few more readers to find their way to Captain the First. Cheers!

Bunnyfer said...

I may just have to try this...Sounds like a GREAT idea.

Captain The First said...

Looks like BBB confirmed it and you don't even need level 71... I still say get to level 71 for good measure hehe.

It's definitely the easier way to get to Dalaran... saves me on the thinking

Bob said...

I'm a mage, so of course it is easy for me, but one of my big problems had been how to get my alts to a decent capital (all like 20s). I kind of wanted them with me in Shatt for the portals and now I definitely want them in Dalaran as there are even more portals, but never could come up with a way to use my main to get them there (and believe me, I tried some elaborate stuff). You sir, have made my day.

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