Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am finally done with desperately trying to sort out my heavily overflowing mailboxes and re-sorting most of the junk in my bags which I had left in a bit of a mess before I left on my holiday.

A mess, of course, I had to sort out eventually unless I wanted to see some of the stuff in there dissapear into the endless reaches of what must be a big magical whirlpool of stuff that is known as the WoW mailbox system.

And while you're sorting out mess you tend to come across stuff you haven't seen in a while... remarkable things like old pvp helmets that have wing animations or currency for something or the other you just can't remember what it is for like necrotic runes.

There's some remarkable stuff in there... but that's not really what this post is about.
It does however have something to do with stuff just sitting there being useless though. Namely Marks... more specifically isle of conquest and strand of the ancient marks of honor whose only purpose seems to be to annoy people doing inventory.

I always had thought they'd patch some silly little reward system in there at some point in some patch or the other, but here we are it being patch 3.3 and the only thing they still seem to be good for is turning them to honor via a quest.

Now don't get me wrong, I had never really taken a shine to SotA due to horde starting out in defense for so long the odds of actually winning were low without pre-mades. So it's not like I am swimming in sota marks and watching them waste away in my mailbox.

IoC on the other hand is something I rather enjoy. You can go different directions with it and there's enough fun things to do with catapults to keep me entertained for at least a few months.

And so while we're looking at another set of rather remarkable extensions to the game for instancing purposes slapping together a cheap nasty reward system with maybe a nifty mount for 100 marks was apparantly a little too much to ask.

At this point they should just make them tradeable for other marks 1:1 or even 2:1 because whatever they do with them eventually will have to take into account that there will be a lot of people with these marks around...

I am a bit saddened that these marks aren't getting a use, or at the very least didn't get a use of any kind sooner. I'm not that picky... I can settle for a few pets or some such but there has to be some hope for the abandoned currencies of the world?

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Kat said...

I always wished that the achievement points could be used for something as well... As it stands now, they just sit there. Stupid, rightÉ