Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mr T finally good for a laugh

For a brief moment I thought it was simply one of the corpsevertisement refreshing(gold seller ads made from corpses). Only this time, rather than falling on the floor and forming the letters to one goldseller site or the other the guys just stood there in the air. About 20 orcs forming up individual letters, holding position in mid air for a while and then running to form up the next letter, holding position etc etc.

Basically air writing with orcs.

Just in case by some miracle my server isn't actually the last to get any kind of innovation (we're still on [dirge]) have a gander at a lovely mid air O.

A few things crossed my mind as I watched the scene unfold:

You have to admire whomever thought of that particulat trick and wrote the code necessary to interact with the wow client in that fashion and it just goes to show how much money there really is to be had selling virtual goods in general.

That said I am sure the display will get annoying sooner or later. With orcs running on a transparant floor right above it'll become a pain in the arse to stand anywhere near the newfangly advertisement as they do a pretty good job blocking your view at times. For me that puts them right smack dab in the same group as people that use their mammoth to block mailboxes (a practice which I still don't quite understand).

I am not sure how long it'll take blizzard to deal with the new type of advertisement. Their reactions to gold seller ads have been somewhat sluggish but in this particular case I think blizzard will be a little faster?

Why do I think this? Well apparantly all the characters forming up the advertisement ran by Mr T on their way to their floating little slavepen as they all have had their faces turned into Mr T's horrible elven visage.

Any bets on how long that one will last?

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