Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Walking the beaten path

It's always interesting to just stand in a major faction city to observe people. Whether it is just to look at some specs and gear combinations or to see people whip out various items they just found while cleaning the bank there's always something funny, something sad and something interesting to see.

And while I sat there on the roof of the bank in Org I noticed something peculiar, something that without knowing and having lived the life of a wow gamer for a while would've struck me as odd.

So odd that had I just joined the game just now I would've stood there puzzled looking at all the people running from the AH straight to the mailbox by the bank.

There they were... whizzing into the AH and to the mailbox at the bank and back, like they had done for days, weeks, months and even years in the past....
whizzing out of the AH... right past a mailbox that was introduced in one of the last patches straight to their old familiar mailbox which is without a shadow of a doubt at least twice as far from the auction house as the one they just ran by.

And there we had it... people had become so accustomed to doing things in a certain way that even when they could clearly see the new mailbox sitting right there next to the AH they still took the time to travel to the one just a dab further away.

It makes me wonder what else we miss along the way. I am not one to walk the beaten path often but it took me a solid day to ween myself off of the old mailbox onto the new one. And so even I begin to question if my fairly unique playstyle is not simply the result of how I played so many MMORPGS before wow and even wow itself.

Has all this practice and experience with wow in fact made us blind to unique playstyles and new experiences that we could have if we just did things 'differently'? I'd like to think not, I'd like to think each and every one of us is playing our way because we want to play the way we play.

But then there's the masses of people running back and forth from the AH to the mailbox they have been running to for the last who knows how long. A throng of ants following an invisible pheromone trail laid by themselves and others too easy to follow and too hard to break away from.

Are you still loyal to your mailbox?


Anonymous said...

There is a new mailbox closer to the Org AH?!?!

No more will this lemming run to the bank to access the mail box!

Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! My banker alt didn't even notice a new mailbox. /facepalm

Even oldy-timers are newbs again.

Anonymous said...

To be fair though, it is sort of camouflaged with the crates that have always been there. However, now my lazy banker only has to shuffle a couple of yards now. ;-)

Darraxus said...

I need to move my banker back to stormwind to take advantage of the new mailbox. I have been in IF for so long because it was always a straight shot across. Now the one in SW is much closer.

Anonymous said...

I still run half way to the old SW mailbox, spin around and run back... the habits of 4 odd years are hard to break...

Great observation... great post!

Anonymous said...

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