Friday, May 15, 2009


As you can probably make up from the title I picked up my priest again. Since some patch or the other completely wiped my talents (again) I decided to opt-in on the shadow tree. Having previously levelled as a smite build I decided to heed the call of all the so-called experts who dare claim that shadow levelling is so much better.

Well it isn't... at least not from where I am sitting. Sure the mana management and health management are somewhat better and the damage appears to be mildly ahead of ye ole smite build but if your rotation looks something like:


You really start to wonder whether all is right with the world. Sure you can toss in a few dots every now and then but in the meantime you're reliant on mindflay which seems to be cursed with an extremely short channeling period: meaning I do little more than mash the damned mindflay button all day long.

This is in stark contrast to my smite build which I had previously used which involved mostly the spamming of smite. And yet spamming smite is infinitely easier on the fingers (and probably my 1 button) than that cursed mindflay.

I managed to mash mindflay for a solid 10 bubbles before I decided looking cool was a really lousy tradeoff for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I really don't know what Blizzard was smoking when they thought up the idea of having shadow priests go through this misery but I am fairly certain it was infinitely more funny to them than it is to me.

So in order to save my keyboard and prevent me from slipping further into insanity I will opt-out of shadow again and go back to smitewanding things... even if it is supposedly inferior (at least I'll be able to still use my hands when my priest gets to 80 and I won't feel like jabbing my eyes out in the process).

Mindflay much? I bet you do...


Copernicus said...

I Have a 35ish shadow priest that I'm slowly leveling to 80. My standard rotation is DoT 1, DoT 2, Vampiric Embrace, Mind Blast, Mind Flay, then wand until dead.

It probably takes longer, but I hate having to stop and drink after every fight or two.

Dink said...

shadow word pain
mind blast
power word shield
mind flay
wand to death
spirit tap proc

full health full mana next mob

Misamane said...

Lol, I'm Disc main and Shadow offspec, but I find myself more and more staying in Disc to DPS things...DoT, DoT, Penance, Shield, Penance, wand.

Not really that much harder OR easier than Shadow imo.

Captain The First said...

Yeah there seems to be very little discrepancy between leveling as holy vs shadow at the moment. At level 44 I had expected the differences to be rather harsh.

On the bright side even if they did maybe give shadow a bit too much of ye ole nerfbat it means that you might as well level holy now if you're going to be and end-game healer.

Thanks for all your feedback... appreciated as always

Anonymous said...

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