Wednesday, May 13, 2009

75% done (leveling)

Yesterday evening I was digging through my blog to clean up some markup when I noticed that it was about 6 months ago since I last took a good look at my character progression.

So in what has become the only real tradition over here at noobding it's time to take another look at 'then' and 'now' in terms of character progression and hopefully, finally, come up with some worthy goals that do not involve levelling (yeah... who am I kidding).

Back in november the field looked something like this and if you'll remember wrath just hit the shelves so there's some serious TBC nostalgia here:

Capsize - lvl 70 undead warlock
Capstone - lvl 70 blood elf paladin
Capricious - lvl 64 troll hunter
Capibara - lvl 68 tauren druid
Capone - lvl 43 Orc rogue
Capeesh - lvl 31 Orc warrior
Capacitate - lvl 35 undead priest
Capitulate - lvl 40 Blood elf mage
Capow - lvl 35 Tauren shaman
Cap???? - lvl 55 ???? Death Knight

Now 6ish months further down the line the field looks like this (level diference in brackets):

Capsize - lvl 80 undead warlock (+10)
Capstone - lvl 80 blood elf paladin (+10)
Capricious - lvl 70 troll hunter (+6)
Capibara - lvl 80 tauren druid (+12)
Capone - lvl 43 Orc rogue (+0)
Capeesh - lvl 34 Orc warrior (+3)
Capacitate - lvl 44 undead priest (+9)
Capitulate - lvl 58 Blood elf mage (+18)
Capow - lvl 50 Tauren shaman (+15)
Capsickle - lvl 63 Orc Death Knight (+8 from 55)

Which comes down to about 90 levels in the period from november till now putting me at just about 1/2 a level a day.
That doesn't sound too exciting and is definitely down from my usual average but considering I took a new job back in february which cut my wow time down by at least 50% and the treck from 70 to 80 is a slow one I am not really unhappy with the progress (I have 3 80's now after all).

Looking at the totals I now have a remainder of 198 levels to go till the glorious 800 levels mark which at half a level a day would take me a solid year to complete.
Due to more relaxed job circumstances I expect that average to go back up to 1/day though so those 198 levels are looking a hell of a lot more manageable.
In the meantime I rest safely with the thought that even though I still have 198 levels to go I did already complete 602 of the 800 total putting me just over the 75% mark.

The general idea now is to slowly quest up my various characters till they hit northrend where they will be put on a slow drip of daily progression. Starting out with the kalu'ak dailies following by dailies in grizzly hills, then the oracle dailies and last but not least the argent tourney dailies (+ others) should ensure slow but stead progression whilst I work on getting the rest of the team up to northrend levels.

Primary goals at this point include getting the jewelcrafting and inscription professions up. Since they're unfortunately stuck on a pair of lowbies I'll have no choice but to prioritize both the shaman and the priest over other characters.

Mind you this doesn't exactly fill me with glee. Both characters are decent enough to level but have failed to capture my imagination so far (like most characters under level 50) so lets hope it won't be too much of a chore to get them to the level requirements for their professions (60 or 65 I believe it was).

In the meantime I remain steadfast on the course to 10x80 with other goals falling by the wayside or being picked up as things go along.

And you? Level much these days? I certainly haven't seen you in Azeroth (come to think of it I haven't seen anyone while questing in azeroth anywhere... hmmmm).


Misamane said...

Actually, I've recently found a bit of happiness on my 36 Rogue, but I'm still primarily play my 80 Priest.

However, I've been doing lowbie quests to get my faction city reps up (two more to go!), so I've been hanging out in Azeroth for the past week or so!

It's nice!


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