Monday, April 6, 2009

patch 3.1 (gold making) preparations

There's been a lot of chatter about the 3.1 patch, the next content patch and there has been a lot of speculation on when we can actually expect to see the patch on the live realms.

On that topic MMOChampion and various other sources have reported that the noblegarden (easter) event in wow has been undergoing significant changes in 3.1 adding quite a few new achievements for the celebration.

Considering the feverish work on the noblegarden event and corresponding achievements it's reasonable to assume that these changes are intended to go-live for this year's easter celebration rather than next years.

The noblegarden event according to the ptr's in-game calendar is scheduled to start on the 26ths of this month of our lord Medivh (or elune if you are of that persuasion).

While the date isn't carved into stone (few blizzard PTR changes are) it's very much reasonable to assume that in order for the event to start in a more or less timely matter we can expect patch 3.1 to hit a few days before that date at the latest.

So that leaves us about 2 weeks of preparation for the 3.1 patch.

Preparation indeed. 3.1 will bring new content and with new content the raiding scene will suddenly spring to live again coming out of the drudgery of endless naxxramas runs strapping on their best buff-foods/ flasks and whatnot to go out hunting the newest perils of ulduar.

And that my friends is where the money is. Demand for high-end consumables should shoot up in the first few days / weeks of the new content patch after which we will most likely observe a (temporary) increase in enchanting requirements.

So that means if you're looking to score a quick bucketload of gold now is the time to buy up all those cheap materials and go to crafting various raid consumables in the faint hope that that stuff will sell after the patch hits.

It better... otherwise I'll end up still sitting on my 1.5k northern spices and I'd have to dump those on the market for cut throat prices (Although there is a certain charm to a level 80 warlock bank toon pissing off whomever is playing the food market for a few weeks). I wish I could convert 10 northern spices to 1 cooking award, oddly enough even reasoning with the vendor doesn't make it so.


Misamane said...

Just so you know, you've been featured in my Honest Scrap post!

And...when you make all your gold later today...send me a few hundred g so I can dual spec!

:) Lol


Captain The First said...

Hehe thanks for the feedback. I actually made a killing in the last few days mostly on glyphs but the consumeables are doing a little better than they did before the patch.

So many new things out there people haven't discovered yet... gold is good :P

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