Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Epic pimpage?

Happy april fool's...

In keeping with Blizzard april fools hereby my absolutely serious response to the thought of mount customizations.

Apparantly for a 'small fee' (I wonder what that means... small... small on a 'I make money like blizzard scale' or small as in 'I just turned level 30 and bought my mount kind of small') you would be able to customize your mount in what seems to be a great many ways.

If the pictures would be any kind of indication it would end up being a true who is who of possibly somewhat too creative customization jobs. Now I am not saying anything about taste (to each his/her own after all) but I am somewhat reminded of when ultima online freeshards strapped on a way to color your gear in a billion colors (and your mounts, furniture... etc...).

Lets just say what started out as a good idea quickly turned into a psychadelic mess with colors splattered all over the place (I remember neons and pinks being odly popular... next to black... lots of black).

A bit of customization could be great stuff... but I am not sure sabrecats with cannons and exhaust pipes would really fit into the landscape well.

Still, I am quite amused by the kodo hat and could see myself splurging on an enhancement piece every now and then but there's this nagging feeling that this is going to go horribly wrong in one way or the other.

Flipping the tables once again I wonder how many warcraft lore fans would die a little inside when they see a sabrecat with a cannon strapped to it's shoulders gallop by (no? how about a pink sabrecat with a pink cannon then?).

Well, you tell me, epic pimpage or epic fail... obviously I am indecisive but at least some of it seems like a good idea and some of it really doesn't.

I wonder what my mount would look like if I could deco it any way I wanted...

Did anything good on this fine first of april then?


Darraxus said...

Yeah, that was a nice april fools by blizzard. Same for their dance battle system.

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