Friday, July 18, 2008


I had been toying with signing up for blog azeroth which is turning out to be quite the community of wow bloggers.

Thankfull their latest shared topic set me straight and reminded me of the fact that I had better blog about what I feel like rather than dealing with that strange feeling of having to come up with material for a blog post to a topic that I didn't come up with. Or at least feeling like I have to compe up with something...

It's not that I mind borrowing inspiration from other blogs (I have in the past and I will in the future) but how creative can you possibly get with a shared topic called: "Why do I WoW?" Should I actually feel obligated to fill out the shared topic every time someone comes up with a new one? Do other bloggers?

How much fun is it for the reader to see hundreds of blog posts popping up like mushrooms with exactly the same topic? Are we sure people enjoy these shared topics?

It almost feels like Blog azeroth has either run out of creative ideas or they're using the rolodex of standard topics applicable to any MMORPG.

Nothing against blog azeroth of course, the initiative is quite good and it's nice to have new sources of inspiration and I am glad people have a good place to come together to see whose who but I can practically see the next shared topic being: "What is your favorite non-combat pet and why?".

But before I wander off into the land of mindless ranting a little heads up that the beta patch info is available for Wrath right here

As usual the friendly reminder to not take anything in there too serious since things have a tendency to change drastically from an initial Beta to the actual go-live.

I am sure there's plenty of speculation going on already all over the WoW community if you're looking to join the bandwagon of commentators but I have a feeling we'll have plenty of time to blog about every aspect of it before wrath hits the shelves.

I for one will delay commenting on any kind of class changes listed in the beta notes until I have the expansion installed on my PC and have to physically deal with the changes.


LarĂ­sa said...

I don't write about all shared BA topics, just the ones that sort of speak to me, make me start thinking, give me a kick. And I think the shared topics as a model is a good idea actually.

When we sort of tune the blogs a little to each other and start to have some topics in common from time to time, we get some kind of dialogue, interaction, exchange of thoughts, which I find very stimulating - both for reading and for writing. After all it's not dominating our blogs, I've seen noone who's writing about ALL shared topics. Mostly we find up topics of our own.

However, I agree about the Beta. I don't find any great pleasure in 100 blogs copying the patch notes from the Beta and such without adding much of personal perspectives. It's rather pointless - you can get the patchnotes for yourself from the ordinare news sites. A blog should be something else than a news provider, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I find I often use the BA topic title as inspiration. I am not afraid to admit that I sometimes haven't read the other blogs to truly know their content and purpose... which I guess could accidentally send me into one of the recent BA topics of different post, same topic.

Actually one of the things I like about the shared topics is that each writer puts their own twist on the subject, often bringing up suppressed thoughts and feelings on the topic.. often this helps me identify what it is that the topic really means to me.

err yeah... As for the Beta stuff. I think from a Mage perspective it is already being covered nicely (or not so nicely, which I think is the current Mage emotion re: WoLK) elsewhere.

But, don't feel obliged to join in on any particular topic... though there may be one that takes your fancy. I don't think I have seen 30 odd posts about the same thing yet, people just pick those that resonate and go with it.