Friday, March 28, 2008

What the spec?

My intention has always been to eventually have 1 character of each class at level 70. I've never really thought about how to spec them.

So here's my attempt at pre-speccing my alts before they are built and to see if I can end up with a good overall picture that will help me cover all that goodness that wow can throw at me.
The main orientation is solo play, every character should be viable to grind some (with the possible exception of the healer) and do decently in 5-mans. This is definitely not a 25 man raid oriented group.

In my previous post I already pointed out the need for 1 dps, 1 tank and one healer and I came to the conclusion that the following line-up would be best suited for my needs:

1. Capsize: affliction warlock
2. Capstone: protection paladin
3. Capibara: Restoration druid

this leaves me with: a shaman, a priest, a warrior, a rogue, a mage and a hunter

I am already decided on my priest going shadow for mana battery goodness and some nice overall utility ( I guess he'd count as dps but meh). And the mage will end up DPS either way and in the long run I'd really like him to be arcane/ frost or arcane / fire

4. Capacitate: Shadow Priest
5. Capitulate: Arcane Mage

I will most likely end up using the rogue for the stealth aspect. sneaking into places and whacking the occasional low-level boss and doing some farming so it would definitely have to be a solo pve spec which suggests either combat or a combat / assassination blend.

6. Capone: Combat/Assassination Rogue

The warrior is a bit of a tough choice. I could use another tank to have a bit of balance between my paladin but the paladin should cover most of my tanking needs and I really don't see the viability of prot if you need to go do a bit of grinding every now and then. I guess this settles the debate on fury for now.

7. Capeesh: Fury Warrior

The hunter isn't too hard. Beast Mastery sounds a fun way to go at least in the beginning with a potential spec into survival later down the line. Odds are this character will never see much group play and is one of the only classes that uses pets extensively so I might as well focus on that.

8. Capricious: Beast Mastery / survival Hunter

Last but not least the shaman which is a toss up between enhancement and elemental. I have plenty of melee as well as magic DPS at this point so it's really based on what will feel better. For the moment I opt out of having mana issues and so this will end up solidly in enhancement.

9. Capow: Enhancement Shaman

And there we have it. The easy part is done. Now for the levelling which I am sure will make for a few interesting blog posts in the future.

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