Friday, March 28, 2008

Karazhan and the expected impact

It has finally happened. Not so much because of the attunement removal in 2.4 but simply because the guild finally is ready for it. Karazhan... our first raid on Kara has taken place and I think the raid is currently on Curator.

It's hard to say what's going on though, news from the raid group is few and far between and even listening in on raid chat doesn't give a clear picture of what's going on.

They seem to be having fun, making progress and that's all that really should matter to them but in the meantime the rest of the guild is already starting to get that 'recently deceased' feel to it.

With the healers and officers tied up in kara and there already being a low amount of healers in the guild it seems that my soloing days I thought were on the decline are back stronger than ever.

Time to re-focus. It's a fair assumption to think that they will never invite me to Kara (at least not within the next month or two) and even if they do go out looking for DPS then there's enough of it around to make it easy to miss the opportunity to sign up.

Whilst I wait for my pity run through Kara it's time to build what I like to call the 'triumvirat'.

Every party has 3 corner stones. DPS, Healing and Tanking. Despite my legion of alts I don't have anything on level 70 able to do the tanking job or the healing job so the goal is quite simple: grow a tank and grow a healer.

I already have a ranged DPS in my affliction lock. So that's covered.

For tanking there's the trusty bear, the cut and dried prot warrior or the paladin. Since I will probably run in an off-tank role or in 5-mans I'd say the paladin is my best pick. A good deal of aoe tanking capacity, coupled with plate armor and some decent emergency buttons make this my preferred choice for 5-mans.

on to the healer, once again the paladin but also the priest, druid and shaman are options. I don't necessarily want to use a paladin as a healer because he will be my tank and I am no fan of the respeccing and collecting double/triple gear sets (or rolling 2 characters of the same class for that matter). The priest has a very interesting option for going shadow and being a mana battery so he's probably not my pick either. That leaves the shaman's chain healing and totems vs the druid's HOT approach in which case I opt for the unique approach to healing of the tree.

So to name the lineup that will get a boost in the coming future:

Ranged DPS: Capsize (affliction warlock)
Tank: Capstone (Prot Paladin)
Healer: Capibara (Resto Druid)

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