Saturday, July 10, 2010

All things 80 at a lvl a day

Well there we have it. For a while I wondered if I would get it all done before the Cataclysm but in the end the pre-cataclysm excitement was just that and I was able to wrap up my levelling just before last month.

So with that I can give the last status update on my levelling progress on my army of 10 before the expansion hits and puts another 50 level deficit on my tab.

Lets take a quick look at how things were in nov 2009

Capsize - lvl 80 undead warlock
Capstone - lvl 80 blood elf paladin
Capricious - lvl 71 troll hunter
Capibara - lvl 80 tauren druid
Capone - lvl 70 Orc rogue
Capeesh - lvl 67 Orc warrior
Capacitate - lvl 70 undead priest
Capitulate - lvl 72 Blood elf mage
Capow - lvl 70 Tauren shaman
Capsickle - lvl 72 Orc Death Knight

And as of now:

Capsize - lvl 80 undead warlock
Capstone - lvl 80 blood elf paladin
Capricious - lvl 80 troll hunter
Capibara - lvl 80 tauren druid
Capone - lvl 80 Orc rogue
Capeesh - lvl 80 Orc warrior
Capacitate - lvl 80 undead priest
Capitulate - lvl 80 Blood elf mage
Capow - lvl 80 Tauren shaman
Capsickle - lvl 80 Orc Death Knight

That's another 68ish levels in the bin spread out over a good 6 months bringing it down to just under half a level a day for the final 70-80 jump. It's more or less what I had expected. The treck from 70 to 80 is significantly more time consuming than the treck from 60 to 70 for example so dropping down to .5 from 1.0 levels a day may sound bad but is actually an acceptable drop for me.

Looking at the grand totals having started to play this game at the end of 2007 after a significant hardware upgrade back then in october and the levelling fun ending at the start of june it simply comes down to 2 years and 8 months total play time.

This is about the time to come up with some cold hard numbers:

Out of the 2 years and 8 months actually played time turns out to be 158days and some odd hours. Not taking into the account all the wonderful hours I spent logged in but was watching TV, playing with my toes or looking out the window that would mean 10 times 80 levels divided by 158 days comes down to about 5 levels a day played.

It's kind of fascinating to see how figures skew right here but obviously 158 days pure played time means 24 hour activity which if you consider an absolute max of 3-4 hours of play time during the week day comes right back down to slightly over a level a day.

Looking back at the last bit of levelling I can say that for the most part it was a smooth ride. The warrior took some coaxing to get a good feel for health management but really started to shine in the late 70's when the rage management and health management probles dissolved in my two levelling specs fury and prot.

In the end I would have to vote on the rogue as the 'slowest' thing to level. While they're ideally suited for those kill 1 target quests where you can just stealth your way through overall it turned out that sequentially killing things with no decent health return made the rogue a slow leveller. In retrospect I would certainly suggest herbalism for the healing ability and definitely working on the low end of the enemy scale (green con).

The priest was a dissapointment to level but is turning out to be a real charmer now that he's 80 slowly gearing up and proving himself an excellent all round healer & basic damage dealer.

And now it's time to sit back, relax and slap some gear on the various toons in preparation for another 50 levels come cataclysm.

Have to do something to keep myself busy eh?


LarĂ­sa said...

wow! That's amazing. Huge grats!
Hm... can you start blogging again now?

Joar said...

Congratulations! That's really an amazing accomplishment. I'm about two months to bring done with 9. I'm saving number 10, my warrior, to level through the post-Cataclysm newness.

I've also found the rogue to be the hardest, and he's the farthest from 80 at this point. I did end up finding the shadow priest to be surprisingly easy going, but it may be that I just had pretty low expectations going in!

So what's next?

Anonymous said...

its amazing how many people think leveling a rogue is so hard. im working on my 2nd one right now and i have to say next to a paladin they are the easiest to level. the trick to them is to level combat and keep 1st aid maxed. they kill so fast and have so many tricks to stay alive, but then again every rogue i see wants to level assassination or subtlety.

wow gold said...

That's impressive, you're a real dedicated wow gamer! How did you manage to level those characters to level 80? Don't you have a girlfriend or do you live alone? :)

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