Monday, March 15, 2010

Gearscore and you

There's a new metric in town, well not so much new since it's not but it's becoming more and more blatant.

What I am talking about is gearscore... One score to rule them all, one score to find them, One score to bring them all and in the darkness bind them to mildly abuse a famous quotation.
To put it bluntly the gearscore indicator makes an attempt (or yet another attempt) at taking the sumtotal of all your (gear)stats and boiling it down into a simple hard number for people to judge you by.

And judge they do. Now personally I am not so much affected by it because my gearscore most likely will always be significantly higher than any skill I may have. But people get reamed and mocked pretty badly out in trade and 'bank chat' for whatever their gearscore comes down to.

Now I definitely understand where the idea of 'gearscore' comes from. It allows you to say: "hmmm he/she's probably not going to cut it" before you set foot in a potentially dangerous environment. It saves you hassle and the other person some potential embarassment right?

Yes! But it's not a measure of skill, ignorance, drunkeness, mother interference, screaming gf and all those lovely other events and states that render the average dungeoneer into a worthless pile of raid wiping sludge.

But then who really has time for a 2 hour interview just to figure out if someone is mentally capable enough to actually go to the instance in the first place?

The argument is endless and so instead of argueing I propose we simply apply some common sense, realize it's here to stay and...

1. Know what gearscore is appropriate to ask for

If you do not know what you're asking for figure it out.
That said you can ask for higher than what is needed to increase the speed of your run

2. If they ask for x and you have less, stay clear

You already know they want more than you can offer in pure gearscore even if you have the skills to make up the gap. It's not worth the argument even if you don't agree with the whole 'GS thing'. It doesn't matter whether they ask for gearscore or cooking skill... simply don't apply.

3. Gearscore isn't the universal answer

Gearscore is the answer to the question: given my current group and his/her gearscore and class spec combination will he/she likely be an asset in this run?

Despite the fact that the gearscore manages to boil most gear values down into a single stat it's still just a small piece of a larger puzzle that is 'the worthiness' of a player.

Personally I still remember most of the wipes and failures with fondness and remember very few of the victories on the average 5man run and as such I rather enjoy the occasional miserable wipe.

But if you are of the persuasion that every run must be as fast and as near to perfection as it can be remember that gearscore is a tool, a tool to be used with care.


Kai said...

Ah, a beautiful voice of reason. Nice to know there are people out there who understand this. GS for WoW players is like sports cars in RL... just 'cause it's shiny doesn't mean the driver can race.

Boothadin said...

Gear makes good players better and bad players pretty.

Anonymous said...

GS the end of fun in WoW. The good old days when you kicked people who where bad (after you actually judged um on gameplay not a number), and left people who could play in your group, heck even helped some get better with advise.GS could probebly be better served if it measured hours in game, those and GS almost always depend on each other. And much like gamblers who say they alwaya win, GS people all say they hardly play. I would much reather see a tally of succesfull runs. Oh well I will alwasy be the mid 4000 level GS, my wow E-pen will alwasy be small :(

Anonymous said...

gear score and car racing....

its nice to know that two of your healers are 4.9k healers and the 3rd is 5.9k gs for a 10 man icc... 2 heal at one glance.

GEAR SCORE IS A WAY to lump players in tiers.

Anonymous said...

My favorite way to advertise a raid is

"LFM (whatever); people who convince me to take them along without mentioning their GS and achievement s*** will have prio."

It often works.

Oh ye and I laughed the other day at some guy demanding 5k+ for Herald of the Titans....

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. GS has made it impossible to get past the 4.5k mark. Full ICC gear should not be required to get into a VoA run, or a Naxx run for that matter. I have to laugh when the druid in 4.5k gear is out dpsing the mage in 6k gear during heroics.

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